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Women’s rights should be infinite

Sometimes, bringing up the subject of equality, and demanding equal rights for one section of society can indicate a bias towards that section. Directing this subject towards the cause of women, this opinion may hold true, but not in all scenarios. While on the political front we have come a long way from the women suffragette’s movement, the corporate world still shows otherwise in many places. The issues of unequal pay in many progressive industries such as in information techonology (IT), finance, entertainment and many more, is still prevalent, that they need to be spoken about, despite women stealing the limelight when it comes to social issues. There may be situations that can be more demanding physically and emotionally for women in comparison to men, but that does not mean they are less competent. While a lot of establishments have brought in equal benefits, and some tipping the balance more towards those with estrogen, that is a scenario limited to some of the most sought after companies in the world who can afford it, according to some of those establishments who maintain the bias in wages. There has been some talk about this very needed equality by some female activists, for something to genuinely done, not for the sake of an upcoming International Women’s Day, but for women in general, with the help of successful men in this ever-patriarchal society.

From Ms Maria Vincent


Equal pay for equal work

Yes we can say that a woman is not less then any percentage of a work a man does. Everywhere she is giving her 100 per cent, just as much as men are giving. We are in the 21 century and women are not less then men in terms of of work, and day-by-day this percentage is increasing. However, in some places, they are not getting equal pay as compared to men but this will not go on too long. Soon the day will come where the world has to accept that the power of women, equal to men.

From Mr Rajesh Chaturvedi


Women of the world

Women comprise half of the population of the world. Women need care too. They need rights and peace. Women in the midst of war are very stressed. They need education and food. They also need respect from the world. Women need respect n their family. I hope the coming century is good for women.

From Mr Nabi Nejadrasooli


This is our collective fight

If we ever wish to achieve equal pay for both genders and prevent discrimination of women, we need to realise it’s happening and actually do something about it. If each person keeps thinking that they can’t make a difference in addressing the issue, then we have a problem. Any small incremental change is still a change and it moves us forward. If we all keep thinking ‘Hey, it’s not going to make a difference,’ because we think our actions won’t create much of a difference, we’ll solve nothing and get nowhere. That small change could mean the world to someone else. In the future, I hope to see people, especially women, standing up for other women when they’re being discriminated against. As a big group, we can get our voices heard.

From Ms Yuvika Bhatia


Equality, despite different work

Discrimination arises when the position that a person holds is considered better than another. For centuries women have played the role of being nurturers and homemakers, but somehow this never measured up to the tasks that men performed as that brought in the resources. Hence society started considering men superior to women. Those thoughts still prevail. Although women have proved to be equally capable, society still thinks men can do better. Also many qualified women despite being very talented underestimate their abilities. They consider the time taken off from work to nurture their families as privilege given by companies and hence settle for lesser pay. The thought process should change and for that women don’t have to do things men do, men will have to take up tasks women do and understand the effort, precision, skills, intelligence and hard work it requires.

From Ms Mahnaaz Shaikh


Equal in all respects

Women have come a long way but the race isn’t over, and we are nowhere close to where we have to be. Since the beginning of time women have been told that they do not measure up to a man’s talent and effort and settle for second best. They get lesser salaries for equal work and hours and are considered the weaker sex. Let this International Women’s Day remind us that we are in this together and we are equal to men.

From Ms Alia Mathur


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