Rash driving is a major concern

I drive daily from Sharjah to Al Barsha daily and back, during peak hours (“Watch: A traffic offence can cost you Dh400 in Sharjah”, Gulf News, April 27). I use Emirates Road and witness different types of driving habits on the road. There are so many different types of drivers on the road, and there are many different type of drivers on the road. Some of them drive dangerously, putting other people’s lives at risk. The most dangerous drivers I have encountered are those who drive vans. Most of them are the transport company drivers. They drive close to cars and cut past you without giving any indicators. Many a times I have had very close encounters with them. They all have stickers with telephone numbers on them, which always tell people to call the company in case the drivers are driving badly. I have actually tried calling these numbers but have seen that these numbers belong to the drivers themselves. I have had a really bad experiences with them. Since I am driving I am unable to take pictures of these cars. If I could, I would send them to the Roads and Transportation Authority Dubai. In the evenings, especially on the way back from work, I drive on the road with big construction busses on the highway, who drive very arrogantly. They also change lanes so badly without indicating and cut in-between lanes as if they are driving a saloon car. Other car drivers have to drive carefully to avoid a collision with the buses. We live in such a beautiful and peaceful country with the authorities are doing so many things to make our life safe, but we do not respect their efforts. We should act as responsible drivers and make sure that we follow the rules of good driving and respect the efforts put in by the authorities.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


There are steps to follow

It’s not that they don’t use indicators and don’t follow rules, it is the way they use them. It’s looking at the mirror first, signalling and then manoeuvring the car. It is not manoeuvring, signalling and maybe looking at the mirror. It really bugs me when someone just pulls in front of another car and gives their indicator half-way across, forcing the other person to break.

From Mr Andy Irwin


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Picking up trash

I pick up rubbish every day during my walks in Sport City, Dubai (“Bitter about litter”, Gulf News, April 28). It is unbelievable that when people see what I am doing they think I am crazy. I love doing it as it really makes me feel good. Well done to the people involved. We need to get more people to join the movement.

From Ms Szilvia Olah


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Overcoming adversity with help

It’s rarely that people happen to witness other human beings in in their true self (“Deepika Padukone weighs in on gender pay gap”, Gulf News, April 27). This is because a majority of people never mean what they say. The universe is in such a state that there is hardly anyone who does not suffer from depression. It will be covered up because of the taboo. Mental health is important and has to be taken into consideration. It is this the very health which makes a person strong to survive the odds and adversities of life. Indian actress Deepika Padukone got the proper and timely help that she needed and overcame her depression. She has mentioned this on many national and international platforms. Depression makes one low and the challenges around may make the situation worse. The encouragement from the loved ones can help a person come out of it.

From Ms Annie Rathi Samuel


No longer safe anywhere

Yet again, it has happened right before our eyes (“Teacher arrested for raping minor student in Kashmir”, Gulf News, April 28). A girl can never afford to stay safe outside the four walls of her home, even though the safety inside one’s home is also under threat now. Let’s face it, if a teacher, who is supposed to ignite a student’s minds with positive thoughts, words and actions; ends up being the one to put a black mark in the student’s life forever, what is the purpose of a teacher? Does this mean that we shouldn’t choose male teachers? It immensely frightens me to stay in a society with such a narrow mind-set. Sorry to say this but I genuinely feel that domesticated dogs are safer than women in India. Both are caged, but women aren’t safe even in the cages.

From Ms Parvathi Sreeraj


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