Protect the Earth, always

We are all familiar with the Earth Hour celebrations held in the UAE. Celebrations are held all around the globe for 60 minutes (“How much energy UAE saved during Earth Hour switch off?”, Gulf News, March 26). This year, it was celebrated on March 24, under the theme ‘Let Nature Shine’. This is an interesting way to get across the message of saving energy resources while convincing humanity to prioritise Nature over all their needs. The UAE has taken many initiatives to promote Earth Hour. I looked forward to participating once again in the annual candlelight parade, and the fun events that followed in the dark. It is a memorable experience. This hour should be remembered by everyone around the world, to be eco-friendly. We must stick to our responsibility as true global citizens and protect Mother Earth in everything that we do throughout our lives.

From Ms Rose Vincent


Where is our humanity?

I sure felt upset reading about the 13-year-old boy who had been attacked by two dogs (“Video: Fujairah teen mauled by two dogs on beach”, Gulf News, March 24). I wish he recovers soon. I feel enraged. The article talks about a bystander who took a video of the attack. What has happened to humanity? If that man actually helped the boy instead of just standing there and taking a video, his life would have been saved form misery. Humans beings need to grow some compassion, leave those gadgets for a second and try to help the ones who need it. I hope this appears in the letter to the editor column so that this message is passed on to as many people as possible.

From Ms Sidra Nazim Al Deen Shaikh


Be a responsible dog owner!

The news wasn’t good this morning. How can dogs be left lose in that area without the owner’s presence? It is very sad to note that these dogs might be used for illegal fighting too. I fail to understand this. Authorities concerned should take appropriate action to curb these dog fights, with immediate effect. Similarly, I saw two dogs of decent height wandering outside Arabian Village in Abu Dhabi, without guards or leashes on their necks. Luckily, they didn’t intercept anyone, especially those who were on their daily evening walk. If something had happened to anyone, who would have been blamed? However, people did get really frightened when the dogs passed through. By the time the phone camera got ready, the dog disappeared into the respective villas. We need to strictly warn these dog owners to behave and keep the pets leashed, guarded or taken out for their daily routine rounds with proper care.

From Mr M. K. Gunaseelan

Abu Dhabi

A big feat for the authorities

It is really comforting and exciting to read the news about the Sharjah and Dubai Police intervening to help a pregnant woman stuck in a traffic jam (“Police rescue woman in labour stuck in traffic jam”, Gulf News, March 22). This is a commendable achievement and hats off to the Sharjah Police for the marvellous task. The timely action to ensure the safety and health of the patient is an amazing feat. The child born should be lucky, as he or she has come to the world because of the Herculean efforts by the police squad. The coordinated efforts resulted in a smooth delivery and reinforces the faith in the standards of living in the UAE. The expat parents will definitely be remembering this particular act of selflessness by the police. We salute the efforts and thank the Government and the rulers for showing utmost sincerity in proving that every life in this place is treated with the same respect.

From Mr Murugesh SS Sivam


Political party players

Asif Ali Zardari proved to be the master of political chess. He also proved that he can tactfully buy people. Establishments these days must have trouble holding their head with their hands, finding no way to have a pure public leader to lead the nation. Why not impose a test on all politicians of Pakistan by the Election Commission of Pakistan (EPC)? Believe me, none of the politicians shall pass the entry level test, qualifying them for the elections. And then, unemployed young doctors, engineers, who do not belongs to any political parties will be brought forward. Believe me, those youngsters shall lead the nation to world success.

From Mr Javed Khan


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