Praying for this to be a better year

Many people have suffered massive losses and deep pain in 2016 (‘GCC/Middle East in 2016: A year marked by incredible pain’, Gulf News, December 28). Now that we have entered the New Year, my heart and prayers are with the people of Syria. I’m thinking about them and hoping that they have a much better year this year.

From Mr Shaz Chalmers


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A better year for all

It was a painful year, indeed. The bloodshed still continues. I am looking forward to this being a better, safer and healthier year for everyone!

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


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So much hardship

I think a lot of people really don’t understand just how much suffering many Syrians are going through. It must be so horrible to lose everything in your life – your family, your home, your finances, your right to live in peace. It makes me angry when people don’t understand these hardships. So many Syrians have persevered through it all.

From Mr Jorge Pana


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Seeing the beauty in others

For me, I look at the entire 365 days of 2017 as a new beginning (‘Letters to the editor: New targets for a brand new year’, Gulf News, January 1). It’s an opportunity to make a difference, to connect with the world and, most important of all, to connect with myself. I feel that with social media taking prevalence in our lives, both personally and professionally, people have lost that ability to speak to themselves. I look forward to 2017 with this intention of making people realise that each one of us is beautiful in our own way. Each one of us is special and loaded with amazing talents waiting to be tapped.

If I can drive this feeling among people, I feel that along with me achieving my dreams and goals, I am working on a bigger platform as a catalyst to help people find their dreams and goals, thus achieving their dream or wish. That satisfaction is immense and truly gratifying.

From Ms Shalini Menezes


Share what you know

I am just an ordinary expatriate who came to the UAE with lots of hopes and dreams in 1987. Life has evolved and revolved over the years of my stay in the UAE. I am happy to say that I lived most of my life here. The journey has not been easy for me all these years. I am worried about the number of people, close family members who have been affected by cancer. Some have already left this world and some are fighting it out. I want to support all those who are affected by cancer in some way or another.

Also, it’s important to me to promote talent and knowledge through my own initiative for sharing talent or knowledge from within us to others. What is the point of having a skill within you, if you are not willing to share it and pass it on to someone who is willing to propagate it? It is a challenge and many people who are talented hold on to it without passing on the skills to a second or third person. We have to share our skills, talents or knowledge to those around.

From Mr Ramesh Menon


Evolving at the consulate

Imagine my surprise when I dialed the direct telephone number of Pakistan’s Consul General (CG) in Dubai and the acting CG himself answered the telephone! My appointment with the CG was arranged in less than a minute and when I showed up at the CG’s office at the appointed time two days later I was delighted to find the acting CG and the staff standing by the main entrance of the CG’s office welcoming everyone and attending to their concerns and resolving their issues. My request was processed quickly and efficiently.

I wish to congratulate the entire leadership of the CG’s office who have quietly initiated this transformational attitude towards their community and all others who visit the consulate. Later in my meeting, the CG told me that they will continue this practice of personally attending to visitors’ complaints and concerns every Wednesday for an hour. However, an hour a week is not enough to deal with the massive number of people who visit this office on a daily basis. My recommendation is that perhaps this practice should be expanded proportionally to the needs and numbers of visitors.

To me, as an academic, this change indicates a conceptual evolution in the behaviour of state functionaries and state public policy.

Once again, I wish to congratulate the leadership and staff of the CG’s office for enacting this revolutionary change. It’s small, but important. Keep it up and God bless you all.

From Dr Haider Mehdi


Looking back

Three cheers to Gulf News for the splendid issue on December 31 containing a plethora of thought provoking content, a slew of worthy stories and the amazing coverage of national and international news, giving the readers an opportunity to have a glimpse into 2016 (‘Four happy stories in a year of turmoil’, Gulf News, December 31). This year’s bittersweet global events, significant occurrences in the UAE, memorable sports events, hits and misses of the celebrity world and, yes, the triumph of business magnet Donald Trump gave the readers an immense treasure trove of accurate, transparent and objective information.

Thank you, Gulf News, for giving the readers a priceless gift.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

Properly confine animals

How careless can some people be, why was the animal so easily accessible for a small child (‘Wolf bites three-year old boy inside Saudi Arabia mall’, Gulf News, January 2)? I love wolves so much and I had no idea they would be in a cage at a mall in Saudi Arabia. I hope the child recovers soon!

From Ms Cassandra Sandra


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Safety concerns

Besides the fact that I don’t agree that wolves should be kept in a cage, the child shouldn’t have had an opportunity to stick his hand in the cage. Don’t most places use a glass of some sort to make sure visitors are safe?

From Mr Rob Chance


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Time for change?

I think it’s great that maybe the world will see change with Trump’s plans (‘Trump’s praise of Putin could signal a US policy’, Gulf News, January 1). For 60 years of we’ve had a sort of Cold War. Even post-Cold War, relations between Russia and the US has always been a bit icy. US President Barack Obama’s change has been only words and slogans. I hope this new friendship between world powers brings peace to all countries affected, such as Syria.

From Mr Sankara Rao Bonala


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Smart move

I think it is smart of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Obama has been acting foolish lately due to not coping with external pressures.

From Mr Pramod Kumar


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Action needed

Grills should be made mandatory for all old and new buildings (‘Filipino man falls to death from 14th floor in Sharjah’, Gulf News, December 31). Open windows and balconies are very dangerous. No matter how much attention we give to our loved ones, it’s impossible to stop these things. How can one be alert all the time? It’s a real cause for concern and strict action should be taken immediately without further delay.

From Mr Yas Karim Esmail


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Will be missed

We are not in a position to speak on behalf of anyone else or judge. We absolutely have no idea what they’re going through. I only hope that others feeling depressed realise that there is so much more in life that can make them feel alive again. There are people who will miss and long for their presence.

From Mr Luis Serrano


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Checks needed

This happens way too often with people (mainly children) falling to their deaths from highrise residential buildings. There needs to be compulsory regular health and safety checks on all such buildings to stop this from happening in the future.

From Mr Mubasher Shaikh

London, UK

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