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Need to be preserved and reused

Water is the elixir of life! It is important that we spend at least five minutes every day on saving this precious gift. We have to ensure that we recycle used water to the maximum, and minimise the use of fresh water in order to conserve it. The steps are simple. Water out of all sinks, washbasins, toilets and bathtubs are to be recycled for gardening. All the buildings have this facility as a rule. We as individuals should ensure that we minimise the usage of running water by using them judiciously while brushing, shaving and bathing. Children should be taught to ensure that the optimum speed of water is maintained for purposes such as washing and bathing. They should be taught to alert their elders in case of leaky faucets and joints. They should also understand the fine line between hygiene and conservation of water. Washing machines and dish washers consume a lot of water, but have become absolutely necessary in modern life. We have to make sure that they are loaded to the maximum possible extent before operating them. We have to curb the tendency of washing clothes on a regular basis as we do not want to see dirty clothes piling up. Using the carwash stations is much better than manually washing your cars as the stations recycle the grey water. Manual washing at home should be done only if you have a proper shutoff valve in the water hose. High efficiency toilets should replace the old models and children should be encouraged to track the water bill by looking at the consumption and the amount paid every month. This will help them understand the need and significance of conserving water.

From Mr Murugesh S.S. Sivam


Children learn conservation, early

With greater awareness and more drives initiated in recent years by environmental and other non-profit organisations, on the importance of the conservation of water, there has been conscious attempts on a global level to reduce the wastage of water. I believe that children learn at a primary level in schools on the need to preserve water in all possible ways. Today, children also get to understand how people in some parts of the world suffer from the lack of clean water through social media. However, I believe that the primary cause of water contamination leading to deficiency of usable water, is from manufacturing units and factories who litter previous water sources like river and streams, by dumping waste into them. The governments must address the issue of dumping chemicals and organic wastes into rivers with the firm resolutions and stringent measures including hefty fines being imposed on violators. On a personal level, everyone should do his or her bit to reduce the wastage of water.

From Mr Esmail Mohammad


A drop in the ocean

One can hope that through the media and by seeing images of the oceans getting closer to having a higher ratio of plastic than fish and that natural resources are not infinite, we must restrain our natural urges. We should not think that we can afford the price of an object and that we can indulge in our every whim. Thinking of the long term benefits for our children, and their children, should be our primary goal. To take one, simple step towards a better future, would be to follow in the footsteps of many countries worldwide. We could implement the deposit scheme of paying extra for every bottle, be it water or soda, to encourage people to return it directly to the manufacturer, so it can be recycled, over and over again. A simple step, in the right direction will contribute to a better future of our oceans, the lifeblood of all people on this place we call Earth.

From Mr Timothy Reducha


World Water Day

I feel sorry for the number of times I saw a dripping faucet and the water overflowing from a sink, all for nothing. I do what I can and try to tighten it but sometimes faucets are lose and need professional attention. There are instances too like while walking on streets with big villas, I see gardeners cleaning and watering plants with a hose. They sprinkle water all over and clean the floor using water instead of using floor brushes to minimise the water consumption. With a nice good morning greeting, I remind them to conserve water, telling them that their surroundings are already clean. At least when they were interrupted for a while, they stopped watering the plants and at least 10 to 20 litres can be saved.

From Mrs Corazon Tarcena


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