Management should ensure satisfaction

It was an inspiring story, as creating a culture of confidence among the employees is not an easy task, and the higher management of a company has a serious role to make that happen (“Highest and lowest paying jobs in UAE this year”, May 1). Having a great workplace is an easy classification, but what a workplace contributes to employees wanting to stay back, depends on the approach of the management. In the present economic situation, managing a workplace is always a challenge and employees are distracted by several aspects, thus making them less productive. Even though there are plenty of management tools available to foster the employee morale, the crucial aspect is the credibility of leadership and human resources practices. They need to be capable to handle employee concerns in the right spirit. A strong, committed and unbiased human resources function is helpful to manage the workplace and is more supportive and reliable to its employees.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


International relationships in turmoil

I can understand how the people from the Philippines are feeling and they must be going through mental discomfort because of these incidents (“Work ban on Filipinos in Kuwait ‘permanent’: Duterte”, Gulf News, May 1). However, everywhere in the world is more or less not free from such things. Everything depends on how strong diplomatic ties or the country’s capacity to solve or maintain such relationships are. Withdrawing could be a solution but not a favourable one, especially for the economy.

From Mr Mohammad Al Ahmad


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No diplomatic relationships

Mr Ahmad, you are right. By statistics, Philippines has one of the largest number of people who leave their country to find better and greener pastures per annum. This alone means that there are no jobs for them in their home country that pays sustainably. If you pull out around a million people and send them back, you are doing a disservice. This needs a diplomatic approach.

From Mr El A. Shabas


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Punishments should be severe

It’s a welcome move by the government of India to pass ordinance to hand over death penalty for rapists of girls below the age of 12 (“India clears death penalty for rape of girls under 12”, Gulf News April 22). I doubt if there is a cap in the age limit to be eligible for death penalty, because I think it will give a wrong signal to society. Capital punishment should be given to everyone who commits such a crime. The death sentence should be given for rapists even if the person committing the crime is a minor. The Indian government has constituted fast track courts for speedy trials and this should be implemented in all states. The cabinet’s decision to complete rape related investigations within two months’ time is also appreciated. The increase in number of rape cases in recent years is alarming. Justice delayed is justice denied, so let’s hope the culprits get the maximum punishment.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Keep Dubai clean

I just want everyone to teach their young children to respect themselves and their surroundings (“Bitter about litter”, Gulf News, April 28). They should learn to keep their homes, schools, parks, beaches the deserts and malls clean. If adults inculcate this in our children, they will grow up to be responsible. Who wants to walk into a dirty park? The ocean is full of rubbish that does not break down. Marine life is dying. Show your children documentaries on Nature. Together we can keep our Dubai clean and proud.

From Ms Shamim Amin


Clean up the place

It is important to teach people, especially children, the importance of keeping a place clean. We need to educate citizens of a country that littering is not nice and contaminates the environment. We need to ensure that just like our house is clean, similarly, our city and country should also be clean. I hope people learn and do it.

From Mr Anup B.


Concerned about people

As a leader, you need to compromise some things for the benefit of the country (“Work ban on Filipinos in Kuwait ‘permanent’: Duterte”, Gulf News, April 30). At least the President of the Philippines is concerned about his people, unlike other leaders who don’t care and are just greedy for the position. May God’s speed be with the people of the Philippines.



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Depression can’t be seen

Parents must check their child’s mobile phone once in a while (“Deepika Padukone weighs in on gender pay gap”, Gulf News, April 27). They need to talk to their children like they are best friends. Let your kids feel comfortable with you so that they can discuss anything with you. People with depression sometimes hide it. We cannot notice it very easily. We think they are doing okay but the truth is that they are not. Talk to every member of your family. Be more observant. I offer my condolences to their families.

From Mr Arg J. D.


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