Stock aerial Dubai skyline
Stock aerial Dubai skyline Image Credit: AFP

UAE: A role model for emerging Asia

For anyone interested in economic progress, especially those hailing from the developing world, UAE remains an inspiration. Home to more than 200 nationalities, the UAE has been leading the region in terms of economic growth, future cities, peace and stability, and most importantly, innovation. I come from Nepal, a nation that shares a deep bonding with the UAE. As a home to a large number of expatriates, Nepal seeks to capitalize on its vast hydro energy. With borders to the global growth engines and leading powers like India and China, Nepal faces a daunting task of balancing its ties with both the neighbours while furthering its national and economic interests. And the situation seems similar to many other resource-rich developing nations of Asia and Africa.

UAE has been one of the few countries that offer emerging Asian nations a great model and inspiration. The futuristic and farsightedness of the UAE leadership has propelled UAE to become a diversified economic nation boasting of the majestic Palm Jumeriah islands, the largest gold market, and future cities. The UAE has balanced ties with nations across the world. Both economically and strategically, UAE remains a fascinating role model for emerging Asia. UAE is a true “friend of all and an enemy of none”.

From Mr Sushant Shrestha


COVID-19 spread across the globe

As we know, COVID-19 has claimed more than a million lives, spreading faster than any other viruses have (“WHO warns 2 million virus deaths possible”, September 26). It has crossed all global boundaries, affecting countries irrespective of whether they are weak or powerful, rich, or poor. This outbreak is adversely affecting the national economy of each country and the global economy too. Millions are losing their jobs; companies are becoming bankrupt. But there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. Many countries are racing for successful vaccines to beat this deadly virus. Here, in the UAE, a vaccine is passing through its third phase in Abu Dhabi.

This virus has taught us many lessons in the shape of family bonding, giving priority to one's health, especially mental health, saving for rainy days, and many more. During this pandemic, people have come more close to their spiritual faith. I pray for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all humanity.

From Mr Niamat Karmally


Congratulations to Professor Andrea Ghez

It is my great honour and privilege to say that I was a student of Professor Andrea Ghez, one of the Physics Nobel Laureates this year (“Trio win Nobel Physics Prize for black hole research”, Gulf News, October 06). She was one of my first astronomy professors at the University of California, Angeles. She taught me the basics of astronomy, like how to understand the night sky and its gaseous inhabitants, bright or otherwise, in various stages of their lives. I fondly remember every time I talked to her in or out of class. She was always excited to talk about astronomy and her research and looking forward to satisfying our curiosity. Her persona is as magnificent and immense as the black hole she discovered.

My earliest knowledge of her was that of her being the discoverer of a supermassive black hole at the centre of our Galaxy, and a MacArthur fellow. Later, I got to know her as a professor who wants to inspire people with her knowledge of the mysterious night sky. She would tell us why little girls should aspire to be scientists. Her enthusiasm and never-dying passion for astronomy always recharged us as students and motivated us to push the limits and boundaries on existing knowledge and resources. As her student, I am immensely proud of her work, and I hope to live up to her legacy one day and make her proud.

From Ms Maria Vincent

Los Angeles, USA

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