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India: Congress chief Sonia Gandhi holds on after dissent letter

This letter refers to the news about the quitting of Sonia Gandhi as the Congress party president (“India: Sonia Gandhi to continue leading Congress after dissent letter”, Gulf News, August 24). Though she was nominated as the interim president, after the ineffective presidency of Rahul Gandhi during the 2019 Elections, the present act seems to be another gimmick by the Gandhi family to hoodwink the public. The dissent letters by some of the elders too is an eyewash to elect one from the Gandhi family as President in a democratic way. Most probably it could be Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and not any of the senior dissident member, who generated the letter for a democratic election. In my opinion, it would be better to make either Veerappa Moily, who was the former chief minister of Karnataka, or the politician K C Venugopal, who could be the puppet of the Gandhi family.

From Mr N Viswanathan

Coimbatore, India

India: Sonia Gandhi to continue as interim Congress chief

Without a doubt, the letters written by a galaxy of senior Congress leaders was a wake-up call to the century-old Congress Party in India (“Rahul Gandhi questions timing of dissenters’ letter seeking leadership change in Congress, Gulf News, August 24). Though the interim president of Indian National Congress, Sonia Gandhi was prompt in calling for the Congress Working Committee to discuss the matter, finally it has turned out to be another gimmick to come back to square one. It will allow Gandhi to continue the post for another six months. The cartoon in one of the newspaper has aptly explained that it is only butter knives and the Gandhi family can relax. From this act, it is obvious that the party still lacks democratic value, and they will continue with the family rule forever.

From Mr N Mahadevan

Chennai, India

MS Dhoni: Bidding goodbye with a heartfelt!

It's never easy to sustain and perform through these many years, its hard-fought work, passion and dedication (“Cricket: BCCI willing to host a farewell match for MS Dhoni, says official”, Gulf News, August 19). A big salute to this man Mahendra Singh Dhoni from all his cricket fans from the world over. He is definitely the pride of the Indian cricket. However, every great cricketer must step down, move on and give way to the next generation. Thank you does not mean disrespect, does not mean devalued, does not mean we do not need you, does not mean we are glad that you are retiring. Thank you for the joys, for the happiness, for the delight, for making us proud, thank you for the trophies, thank you for the milestones. We cherish, value and treasure your contributions as a player and as an Indian cricket captain. Wishing you the very best in whatever you may choose to pursue.

Legends have retired and are remembered to date for their invaluable contribution to the game and the country. Fans still reminisce their excellent cricket skills. Going out with respect and dignity is what legends and great cricketers deserve, call it time before the world says it's about time.' Dhoni too, has been a great captain and an excellent player.

Followers of the game, including me, had felt that it was time for Dhoni to retire respectfully, and with grace, especially after the International Cricket Council World Cup 2019 as sentiments were running high, disappointment was overflowing and dejection levels over the top. But, make no mistake there is a gnawing heartache, an empty feeling, a sadness fills our heart because he has officially decided to call it a day.

From Ms Ameena Hashim


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