191013 hazzaa
Hazzaa AlMansoori arrives in Abu Dhabi from Russia. Image Credit: Twitter


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191013 hazzaa
Hazzaa AlMansoori arrives in Abu Dhabi from Russia. Image Credit: Twitter

Hazzaa AlMansoori: An inspiration

As we watched Emirati astronaut Hazzaa Al Mansoori’s return to Earth, safely, my son was still at school (“UAE in Space: Hazzaa AlMansoori to return to the UAE on Saturday 12th October”, Gulf News, October 9). If I can recall back to this day, my child left me with a surprise. When my child’s computer teacher instructed those students who had finished their work to indulge in some free time, he sat down to draw a picture out his imagination, of “Astro Hazzaa” returning to the Earth. I must say, what an inspiration Hazzaa has been in the minds of our children today. Great job Hazzaa Al Mansoori. He has not only become a real life hero, but is also an inspiration to children in the UAE.

From Ms Sabeena Khan


UAE astronaut makes history

With the safe return of Hazzaa AlMansouri from outer space to planet Earth, UAE has written its name in history. It is a platform of continued endeavours to conquer planets and stars. The vision of the Rulers of the UAE reaches for the stars.

We can hear in the near future that an Emirati has reached Mars and built a home there. After ISS and Chinese space stations, we can have an Arab space station with the active participation of brother countries. Hazzaa was selected for this mission over thousands of aspirants because of his merit and luck.

From Ms Najath Manzil Ahmed Hasan


With Gulf News for decades

It is my immense pleasure to be with Gulf News on their 41st Anniversary (“41 years of creating benchmarks in media and innovation”, Gulf News, September 30). In these 41 years, I can say proudly that I was with Gulf news since 1992. All my days living in the UAE have started by reading the newspaper with a cup of tea. I go through all the pages of the paper, from the first all the way through the tabloid! section.

The newspaper gives importance to news happening in India and around the world.

I do not feel like I am reading a foreign English daily. That is the magnetic power attracting the subscribers towards Gulf News. Most importantly, my English vocabulary has improved a lot through this companion. Keep going strong Gulf News. We are proud of you.

From Mr Jacob B. J. Moolaveettil


Happy birthday Gulf News!

I would like to wish Gulf News on completing 41 years in Dubai. I have been a subscriber of the newspaper since 1997. I started to read Gulf News to look for a job initially, and advertised in the Classifieds section. The paper is very informative with its share of local and international news. At the moment, I cannot start my day without reading Gulf News, and waiting for Friday Magazine. Every morning I wait for the paper to be delivered. If it is delayed by a few minutes, I start calling my delivery boy. I encourage everyone to read. Having a reading habit is good. I wish Gulf news many more years of success.

From Mr Andrew X.


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Stop wasting food!

I have witnessed a large-scale wastage of food in some restaurants and hence, I am writing this letter (“UAE commercial kitchens use Artificial Intelligence to track food waste”, Gulf News, September 3). In many Indian restaurants there is a very special dish known as the thali.

What is it? It is a large platter with about 15 to 20 items of different dishes in small bowls. The number of bowls could even go up to 30, depending on the restaurant and the price. In addition to that you are also given unlimited bread and buttermilk to have with the spread. While the portion sounds satisfying, I know for a fact that whenever I have ordered the same, there are a number of items that I don’t fancy and hence the same is wasted.

Six types of vegetables, three types of lentils, five types of pickle, one or two meat dishes, salads, three types of sweets, and the variety and amount is truly amazing but a waste, and hence sinful at the same time.

I am a smallish eater but I have seen people, including children, leave some dishes untouched.

Surely restaurants could serve the basics and then leave it up to the individual to serve themselves, if they desire more of the same dishes.

I am quite confident that this will be in the interest of the restaurant and the guests. In this day and age when so many are starving, I am sure we could do better.

From Mr Michael Guzder


Indian finance

On the one hand, I applaud the action taken by the Reserve Bank of India to develop economic growth from five per cent and reduced the lending rate interest (“$63 billion of zombie buildings sound warning for Indian banks”, Gulf News, October 6). On the other hand the deposit rates for senior Indian citizens continue to go low, and this is sad. Senior citizens who are non-pensioners and fully dependent on their deposit interest rates are the major sufferers. Citizens who also contributed in private sectors are neglected and this is sad. Will the Indian government take up this important call?

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Modi Image Credit: File photo

India’s corruption continues

The election fund collections are the worst kept secret in India, by the different political parties. Election after election, each party finds new ways and means to increase their election fund collections, which definitely need a check by the Election commission of India, and other enforcement directorates.

During the 1970s we have come across many sugar manufacturing units in Uttar Pradesh that were forced to donate huge sums of money, which was later on compensated with an increase in the cost of sugar. So could be the case now too with most of the multi-national corporations that donate. The latest trend is every party member contributing Rs2,000 onwards to the party funds. As averred in the article, just a cap on funding is not going to solve these problems, unless there is radical electoral reforms to counter money power. Will the Election Commission be able to come out with the changes?

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Joker: Serious and should be restricted

I liked the movie Joker because I think it presents a very tempting fantasy about the killer-clown and his thoughts (“Do UAE residents love or hate the movie Joker?”, Gulf News, October 8). The movie is not too violent in my opinion, even though some people disagree. If you’re not fond of blood, then you might find it difficult to watch some parts of the film. As per the rating of the movie, I think it should be restricted to an audience of 16 years and older, as the Joker commits several crimes throughout the film and curses frequently. If viewers can accept the film’s violence, the language should not be an issue. In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix who plays Arthur Fleck, aka Joker, can be seen shirtless in most scenes of the film. And there are parts of the movie that can be inappropriate for a younger audience.

From Ms Hanoof Nadeem


UAE fans rave about Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' Image Credit: Supplied

Joaquin Phoenix pulled through

There is no comparison everyone! Phoenix played Arthur and the rest played Joker! The transition from Arthur to Joker happened in the last frame! It’s sad no one gets cinema! But I still vote for Phoenix all the way as he did justice to the movie!

From Mr Renz T


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Heath Ledger: A legend

I liked the movie, Joker, and I think Joaquin Phoenix did a very good job acting the part. However, late actor Heath Ledger who played Joker in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 superhero film The Dark Knight, can never be replaced. He will always be the best Joker villain.

From Mr Syed Hashaam Ali


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Awards in store

This was one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. He deserves an Oscar award for this brilliantly played role.

From Mr Paul Jason Wener


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The Amazon fire

The Amazon Forest fire made headlines all around the world (“Readers Views: The Amazon forest was on fire and help came late and other opinions on the same issue”, Gulf News, September 5). It was one of the most sorrowful moments for people, watching as a big part of the world’s ecosystem be destroyed. The Amazon produces 20 per cent of the Earth’s oxygen and this incident might begin the demolishing of Nature. Hopefully, many individuals would participate in environmental protection and make it a point to grow more plants.

From Ms Zahra Abdul


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