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Cricket - ICC Cricket World Cup Semi Final - India v New Zealand - Old Trafford, Manchester, Britain - July 10, 2019 India's Virat Kohli and team mates after New Zealand's innings Action Images via Reuters/Lee Smith Image Credit: Action Images via Reuters

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  • From the ICC Cricket finals and the Wimbledon Men's finals to the UAE's new visa laws, readers write to us about news making headlines.

A watery crisis

Freshwater scarcity is a reality that the world is facing at an unprecedented rate, and this is threatening the sustainable development of society (“Dubai ruler Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum turns 70 today”, gulf News, July 16). Earth’s hydrological cycle or the water cycle has been interrupted by climate change. This has affected water bodies all around the world and our resources are depleting. Recent envionmental studies show that two thirds of the global population is already experiencing water scarcity for at least one month of the year.

However, I believe that it is never too late to take small steps and make a huge difference. Every drop will count when you try! The good news is that these alarming facts are being heard, and stakeholders and the general public are all agreeing to take action to rectify this. Various agencies are putting together policies relevant to sustainable development. Equally important, the international scientific community is working to bring more solutions to people. Finally, yet most importantly, increased public awareness and pressure is ensuring a sustainable future.

From Mr Ahsan Malik


RDS 190718 INDIA CRICKET-1563803791288
Cricket - ICC Cricket World Cup Semi Final - India v New Zealand - Old Trafford, Manchester, Britain - July 10, 2019 India's Virat Kohli and team mates after New Zealand's innings Action Images via Reuters/Lee Smith Image Credit: Action Images via Reuters

A great game played

This letter is with reference to the ICC World Cup 2019, which ended on July 14 (“Howzzat! podcast: More hits than misses in the World Cup”, Gulf News, July 17). English cricketer Ben Stokes wonderfully played the tournament, especially the final match against New Zealand. Above all, the host team, England, was lucky when their count on the number of boundaries was more, as compared to that of the New Zealand team. However, there are mixed reactions from cricket players and fans about the board’s decision on selecting a winner. Despite this, the crowd enjoyed a wonderful match played by both teams. Ultimately, only one team can be a winner and I think England deserved their win. Kudos to England Captain Eoin Morgan and his team members for the victory.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Well done players

What a match the semifinal of the ICC world cup was! Both were great teams that battled against each other like lions. India lost the match and their position in the World Cup, but the entire world praised them for their effort.

A spirited fightback towards the second half of the match proved why they are the number one team in One Day Internationals. We would like to see more Asian teams doing well in the tournament and sticking till the end.

From Mr Santosh Pereira


Not meant to be

I have deep gratitude towards the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and his team, who managed to top the score board, this not being an ordinary feat. Their loss in the semifinals was a big blow and shattered die-hard fans all around the world. It took a while for many to come to terms with their loss, followed by their exit from the World Cup. Fans found their own ways to dissect the match highlights and there were many conversations about their performance in the media.

However, we all love team India. We know how much effort each player has given to the game and this tournament. They have made us feel proud several times in the past. The number of victories and the championships won in the past years makes us hold our head high.

Thank you for all those wins and trophies. I hope we continue this in the future. Do not take the adverse comments and negativity to heart, as these will die down with time. You fought well, played well, and were consistent. You deserved to lift the World Cup. Though the Indian team is a worthy champion, it was not meant to be this season.

From Ms Ameena Hashim


RDS 190718 Wimbledon-1563803794005
Serbia's Novak Djokovic (L) shakes hands with Switzerland's Roger Federer after beating him during their men's singles final on day thirteen of the 2019 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon, southwest London, on July 14, 2019. RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE / AFP / POOL / POOL / Laurence Griffiths / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE Image Credit: AFP

A fighting finish

The ICC cricket final and the Wimbledon Men’s final took place on the same day and at the same time (“Wimbledon: Grass tasted like never before, Djokovic says after win”, Gulf News, July 17). To say that switching channels on the television was a sport in itself that day, would be an understatement. I am fond of both tennis and cricket, and it was difficult to decide which match to watch completely. Both matches in two completely different sports was a close call. I think team England and New Zealand have had a great season. As far as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are concerned, both men are legends of the time and put up a fighting finish. In sports, while someone wins and someone loses, it does not make you a loser. With each game, each win and each loss, there is so much to learn. Sports teaches you the importance of resistance and the need to do better. It is an experience that builds character and tests talent. Whether you come first or second, there is so much to learn from each game, as a player and as a spectator.

From Ms S. Pohani


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Teacher With Male Pupils Building Robotic Vehicle In Science Lesson Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Learning from those around you

At every point in our lives, we learn lessons from people around us. Our first gurus or teachers are our parents who inculcate good values in us, followed by teachers, friends and siblings, who help us blend in with society. Whomsoever we meet, we keep learning things. Along with learning, we get some positive and negative experience from them. When we think positive we become happy, but when it’s negative we get disappointed. However, negative experiences and criticism teaches us many things, we should take critics positively and try to learn from them. We should also thank people for not giving us a helping hand so that we could stand on our feet and learn to do things ourselves. I am grateful to everyone, from whom I have learnt things in my life.

From Ms Tejal Shah


New initiative for expatriates

The news by the UAE government is another milestone for the country (“Visa rule changes: A good day’s work in the UAE”, Gulf News, July 16). All expatriates who have the required salary amount, are eligible to sponsor their families. I think this is a really big deal and great news for people living here. It is good news for everyone who lives away from family and wants to spend time with them. The authorities are coming up with all initiatives to make life happy here. I am sure that more and more expatriates will be thrilled and anxious to get their families to the UAE, a country which cares for all citizens. The goal of the country is to see everyone living together happily.

I am sure that more such decisions can be expected in the future. As expatriates, we need to pray for the prosperity of the country. I would like to thank the UAE Rulers from the bottom of my heart.

From Mr Arvind Dhumale

Abu Dhabi, UAE

I can bring my family

The reduction in sponsorship pay and accomodation conditions is a welcome move, especially for people like me, who would much rather have our families around than lead the life of forced bachelorhood. It also allows me to give my wife and children a better quality of life. And my wife can also try and find employment, which will help add to our monthly income. All-in-all it was a very happy day for me when I read the news in Gulf News. Thank you UAE.

From Mr Hasan F.

Sharjah, UAE

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