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Scams and stealing

Recently, we have experienced an increased number of online credit card frauds (“Beware: Here’s why UAE users get ‘automatic’ charges on phone bills”, Gulf News, November 20). Even genuine websites are being compromised and credit card details are being stolen. In some cases, customers are compensated by the banks within 10 days, and in others, the payment is done after an investigation which will either take 60 to 120 days. During this period, customers have to pay the minimum payment dues and finance charges (which again may be compensated by the banks depending on the dispute investigation outcome). I would like to suggest something, if technically possible. Banks can give customers an option in their mobile applications to freeze or unfreeze online transactions, as per their requirement. This can give customers a control on their online transactions and if any unauthorised transactions are being made during the ‘frozen period’, banks can notify and block the cards without any casualties.

From Mr Shanavas Khan

Online victims are increasing

Everyone uses the internet. Due to its popularity, the number of users have increased day by day and with this, cybercrimes have become an issue to be concerned about. Cyber-crimes come in various forms, and all these criminals lurk around the dark side of the web, waiting to attack. These people may be smart, but they use their intelligence for the wrong intent. Internet misuse in the form of hacking is spreading like wildfire. Today, anybody can get hacked with just one click. It has become that simple. Financial frauds, illegal trade and more take place very often. After the invention of internet-banking, transactions are made easier and online shopping is a breeze. However, the misuse of pictures and personal information is also a major threat. People today are easily being scammed and cheated. Unfavourable and false postings is the root cause for the spread of fake news and scandals in this world. All these frauds and imposters must be caught as soon as some suspicious activity is reported. Be safe and stay cautious.

From Mr Manasvi Madhumohan

2019 will decide

Let me clarify this first, I am not a blind follower or an agent of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (“When Narendra Modi and his troll army massacred the freedom of expression”, Gulf News, November 20). At present, where the 2019 elections are upcoming, the Indian people have the right to choose their own government. The opposition leaders Mayawati Das, Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi had only one agenda, to get rid of Narendra Modi, but I think they have failed to put their vision to the table. Nothing can be gained with just shouting. Let the people of India choose their favoured government

From Mr Mahendrakumar Babariya

Lost his shine?

My comment is in apropos to Anandkumar Nagabhushan’s last week’s Facebook comment (Letters: “Electing a Leader”, Gulf News, November 16). Obviously, it is his great wish is to see Narendra Modi return in 2019, victorious, with more Lok Sabha seats. Modi, throughout the campaign has made many false promises. Whether it was him trying to bring back black money from the money stashed in banks abroad or crating two crore jobs for the youth each year, he has failed. On the corruption front, he is already under scrutiny by none other than the Supreme Court of India. He has lost his shine.

From Mr Fazal Al Haque

Cricket team
Are we the best team? Image Credit: Stock images

Are we the best team?

Finally, after getting brickbats from all over the world, the coach of the Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri, had some wisdom to share with his team (“India prepared for extra pace and bounce in Australia: Rohit Sharma”, Gulf News, November 20). It was he who boasted that his present team is the best Indian played so far. If that is so, let him also learn a lesson from the present England team, who planned and won the series in Sri Lanka, only to do the same against Australia. We sincerely hope that he would have realised his follies in South Africa and England and ensure that the best 11 players are selected to play Test matches against Australia.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Don’t take it lightly

I would like to congratulate the South African cricket team for winning the One Day International series against Australia (“South Africa beat Australia by 40 runs to win one-day series”, Gulf News, November 10). No doubt, they are the better team as compared to Australia and played well. However, some credit should be given to the Australian cricketers as the managed to fight back to win the series. Though I am not a fan of the Australian team, I feel sorry for their loss. If only their openers clicked and contributed, they could have achieved the daunting target. Anyway their performance should be a warning to our men in blue to not get over confident and take the opposing team lightly.

From Mr N. Hariharan

Limit usage of cell phone

Social media and technology is a boon and a bane (“Children in the UAE among youngest in the world to own first mobile phone”, Gulf News, November 9). As a parent it is difficult to regulate eveything a child is exposed to. It is because of this reason that I encourage my children to read more books. I limit their cellphone and internet usage in the day and encourage them to go out, play and spend time gain knowledge. When we were younger we survived without smartphones. We managed. This new generation needs to learn the same. Too much dependence on something is bad. When children are exposed to videos and applications, they expect everything to be fast and require instant gratification. Life is not always like that and they need to be taught this early. We need to prepare them for disappointment. They need to understand that they cannot always get what they want.

From Ms Anita Madaan

50 years later…

“I can’t walk anymore!” will be the most common expression used by individuals worldwide once Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over. Tons of jobs would be adrift, only the finest amidst us will prevail as the game gets harder. Technology would be at its peak. Undoubtedly, we’ll all be purchasing oxygen bottles like how we buy water bottles today. However, we still have time. Fifty years is a long way to go. What if this generation manages to reverse and bring back everything to how it was in the past – an era where phones would be used only to answer calls, where life wasn’t spent wasted behind a screen. We don’t know what the next 50 years can bring. Would we be going on a trip to Mars and meeting aliens? We will have to wait and see.

From Ms Shadha Harris

Don’t judge people’s choices

While those are the complete details of the situation, let’s not forget that she spent a part of the money traveling to Europe, gave some to charity, invested in a house and helped with her mother’s treatment (“How to lose a fortune: UAE big-jackpot winner who nearly lost it all”, Gulf News, November 12). Please do not judge the person by only knowing parts of her story.

From Ms Rosalie Pasion Turda

Blind following is bad

I have gone through the article written by Ravi Menon and his comments are far from the current situation of Indian politics (“Statue of Unity and the art of appropriation”, Gulf News, November 9). He seems like he has gathered his facts by reading committed history books from the Congress era. Which other party has mastered the art of appropriation, other than Congress, since 1947? I have a few simple questions for Menon. How many memorials have been named after Sardar Patel, and how many have been built for Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi? Look how Nehru’s ambition has made his four to five generations prosper. Also, what is the economic prosperity of the Patel family? How many political blunders have been committed by this man, and his descendant prime ministers? Can you point out even one mistake committed by Sardar Patel? People need to throw away their obsession with the Congress party.

From Mr S. Thakur

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