The need for peace and humanity

Today we have reached a point in our lives where we see violence and intolerance in many parts of the world (“Suspect in US shooting resigned before killing 12: official”, Gulf News, June 3). Newspapers, magazines and access to social media has made it easier to see the world from another point of view.

But sadly, all we see in the news is violence and bloodshed. The words peace and tolerance can be found in the dictionary, but it is not being practised in most parts of the world. Unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality of the beautiful world we live in and the cruel face of the people who live in it. The word humane means having or showing compassion, but instead, the people living on this planet are everything but humane. If you’re trying to be a good human being, it is important to be humane.

No one can teach you this. No motivational speeches can help anyone until one decides to become a better person from within. Peace and tolerance will exist only if people try and become better human beings. There should be a space in this world for humanity. In the history textbooks we have learnt there were many brave heroes who sacrificed their lives for the people in the name of peace, but sadly today people take each other’s lives for the sake of rivalry. As we human beings continue to live in this world, we also need to learn how to embrace humanity and also be better people.

From Ms Hena Babu

Clean, drinking water

I have been residing in the UAE for the past 34 years (“UAE students save water, energy worth Dh24 million”, Gulf News, May 4). I know that the authorities are providing drinking tap water to the residents around Abu Dhabi, which is far better than distilled bottled water, in my opinion.

I have made an observation, and I hope the authorities concerned will take action. A majority of the residents are using bottled water from various companies.

I wonder if after the effort made by the government to provide clean drinking water, residents still don’t use tap water. They continue to use tap water only for washing utensils. A survey needs to be carried out to find out who are still using bottled water. This can lead to a method to save water. Alternatively, water supply for washing utensils should be provided.

From Mr Arvind Dhumale

Indian cricket

No doubt our Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli carries the expectations of over a billion Indians on his shoulders (“ Definitely, the players also have pressure on them to perform, especially during the overcast conditions”, Gulf News, June 4). It is absolutely true that our bowlers have to shine on flat pitches in the dry England summer. However, luck plays a big part in the knock-out stages. Taking into account the form and consistency of the England cricket team, who presently hold the title of being world number one in One Day International (ODI) cricket, they are the favoured team. Our Indian cricketers are not far behind.

At the same time, no team should be underestimated or taken lightly. The line-up for each team represents their country’s best players. I hope our cricketers are not complacent about being second. This World Cup is definitely going to be the best.

From Mr N. Ramanan

Bangaluru, India

Rahul to resign?

Accepting his defeat in the recently held Indian elections, Rahul Gandhi’s choice to resign from the Congress party is honest (“An open letter to Rahul Gandhi”, Gulf News, June 4). The Congress’ decision to accept his resignation and find a suitable leader to replace him is what we need. It would be good if Indian politician Shashi Tharoor is asked to lead the party during this difficult time. Tharoor is well-known to the people of India, as well as to the international community. He has served in the role of a diplomat and is a good orator.

I’m sure Tharoor can win the hearts of the people associated with the party. I am sure he will help India bring in more supporters to strengthen the century-old Indian National Congress.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair

Muscat, Oman

Curtain call

We live in the UAE, which is a hot country. It is known for its luxurious living and glamorous lifestyle. The UAE is known to have advanced technology that offers residents comfort and speed. Even the skyscrapers stand tall.

Despite these advancements, I don’t understand why buses have banned curtains. Do people not feel the scorching heat outside? Is that not a health hazard? People sit by the window in these buses, in direct sunlight in the afternoons, and this can lead to headaches, nausea, and other problems. Why are we not thinking about the health of students?

We are aware of the time it takes to commute from Dubai to Sharjah. Why is the heat not considered? Ample number of fines have been issued, but no action has been taken for this. It is something that affects people every day.

I’ve heard that the curtains were initially removed to ensure people did not misbehave on buses. However, I think that you can’t stop someone from misbehaving while the bus is on its way, whether there are curtains or not. I don’t think that hundreds of people have to suffer because of a few instances.

From Ms S. A.


Passion versus profession

Often, we pick careers that are not aligned with out passions. We tend to spend nine hours of our day at work, which leaves us no time for our passions. People often say that our passions don’t pay the bills. While in some cases this is true, in other cases this is the opposite. Either way, is it fair to unfollow our passion and work like a machine daily?

I think you should never take a risk and follow your passion. Do not quit your current job. Your passion will never pay your bills. I advise you to try and find a balance between your work and your passion. If you can’t manage this every day, you can take out time over the weekend.

Try to like some part of your current job so your work doesn’t become boring. Focus on highlighting the positives, and try to iron out negatives. Start pursuing your passion on the side. When you do what you love, you will get satisfaction. This will give you the ability to handle what you have to do in the week at work. Maybe in the future, your passion can become your profession. Till then it is giving you fulfilment. Let’s try to love the work that we have to do every day, and try to have a hobby on the side.

From Ms Tejal Shah


At my doorstep…

My heart knew no bounds when the first copy of the Gulf News newspaper was delivered to my doorstep, seven years ago. Delving delightfully through the eclectic reads, two hours would whizz by like a bullet train, and I still had not finished reading the paper.

Often I have woken up in the wee hours of the night, grumbling at not getting enough sleep. The thought of the Gulf News newspaper waiting at my doorstep made me jump out of bed, eyes feasting at the sight, with fingers exhilarating at the touch. I inhale the fresh smell of the fresh printing ink and experience a thrill of anticipation. I enjoy reading pieces by newspapers such as New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Bloomberg and more! I remember the mornings almost daily when my husband and I tried to outdo each other to be the first one to lay our hands on the newspaper. This led to frequent fights.

I have been fortunate to have met stars like tennis players Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Venus Williams and golfer Tiger Woods, at scintillating tournaments organised by Gulf News.

Gulf News has enriched my life and made it wholesome, here in Dubai. A few months back when I had to uproot myself from Dubai I tried to continue the subscription in my new land but to my dismay it was not possible. Fortunately, the habit of tearing unread articles and carefully hoarding them away to be read in the future stood me in good stead, as now I can unfold and continue the pleasure of reading the gems in the paper.

I am grateful from the depths of my heart to Gulf News, for making my stay in Dubai indelible and cherished.

From Ms Vijaya Brahmachary

Bangaluru, India

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