RDS 190704  School bus-1562171525512
NAT_140619_SCHOOLBUS-ARAMZAN 19 June 2014 Kids in the School bus in Dubai. (Picture for illustrative purpose only) Photo:Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Image Credit:

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RDS 190704  School bus-1562171525512
NAT_140619_SCHOOLBUS-ARAMZAN 19 June 2014 Kids in the School bus in Dubai. (Picture for illustrative purpose only) Photo:Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Bus drivers need more training

Your article about fining drivers for not stopping at school buses when the stop sign is up, is appropriate and all drivers should adhere to this international rule that has existed for a long time.

However, many of the bus drivers are either ignorant of the proper use of the sign or have not been educated on its proper use. The sign should only be turned on when the school children are crossing the street and should not be turned on when they are not. Turning on the sign when no children are crossing the street only slows the flow of the traffic for no reason. Bus drivers must be trained to use the stop sign correctly for the sake of the safety of the children and everyone else.

From Mr Mahir Ali


Family planning needed

I recently watched an interview on a private news channel, about man having 33 children, after marrying three wives, in Balochistan (“Climate change turned my fellow villagers into beggars: Mexican indigenous woman”, Gulf News, July 3). He said he wanted to break a world record and have 100 children. He is planning to get married for the fourth time. Despite his aim, five of his children have died. This is grotesque picture of the population explosion happening in the world.

Taking the example of this case, it is concluded that illiteracy is the major cause of over-population in Pakistan. People, especially, the poor, are incapable to understand the detrimental effects that overpopulation cause. Lack of family planning is commonly witnessed in the uninformed and ignorant people residing in rural areas. In Pakistan’s rural areas, there is a trend of large families as people feel it will help them to have more working bodies in the family. We need to address this issue, it’s now or never call for us as a nation. I request the concerned authorities to take the appropriate step to control population.

From Mr Nasir Soomro

Karachi, Pakistan

A state of affairs in India

A female forest officer was beaten with sticks by mob in Telangana, India (“Video: 16 arrested for attacking female officer in India after viral video”, Gulf News, July 3). This was very sad to read. The incident in the Indian state of Telangana was beaten because she was doing her job. Anitha, the victim, was beaten and this is highly unacceptable. The brother of the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) accused of this, took advantage of his brother’s position. The police have arrested the group and they should be booked for beating the government officer while on duty. This incident is painful and it should be an eye-opener for those who want to indulge in activities like this. This is a sad state of affairs.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Pesticides can cause food poisoning

Pesticides are chemicals that are added to standing crops to keep insects away from them. Firstly, if we fall sick due to these chemicals, it is our fault as we do not wash the fruit before eating it, and so, all the chemicals enter our body.

Secondly farmers put a lot of pesticides on standing crop and that cannot be washed away. A simple solution to thoroughly wash the products we get and not just simply rinse them with water. This will help stop food poisoning by pesticides.

From Ms Agam K. Kohli


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Stop chasing deadlines

People have busy lives and everyone has commitments and things to do. Making time for people you care about is an important part of life. Going out, meeting friends and family is a must to maintain a balance from work. Lately, I have seen a lot of people my age, in their late 20s, completely disregard their need to take time off.

While being focused and working hard is a must, taking time to meet people, practice a hobby and have fun are all a part of life too. What are we all earning money for if it is not to enjoy what life has to offer? People are stressed out, their work environment does not provide them mental peace and at the same time they are not spending time on themselves. It is a recipy for disaster. I urge young people to chase after life, and not money. The will be happier.

From Ms Rachna B.


Encephalitis outbreak

It is very painful to know that over 125 children have died in government Bihar Hospitals because of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES). At this tender age, these innocent children may not even know what is happening to them. Many children have died because if this epidemic and most of these children come from low-income strata of society. Hence, they are not well nourished

In India, malnourished children don’t have enough resistance to fight any disease, because not only is their immunity bad, they are not receiving the resources they need. If timely action was taken, when AES was first diagnosed, large number of deaths could have been prevented. This catastrophe in Bihar hospitals should be an eye opener for the government. It is time government revamp the government hospitals in Bihar as the common has nowhere else to go for treatment.

From Mr Ramesh G. Jethwani,

Bengaluru, India

Be the best version of yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment, and this saying was coined by writer Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Being yourself and loving who you truly are, is the most important aspect of one’s life. Most of us live someone else’s life, acting out the lives our parents or what society wants from us. As a result, we are not happy.

Live in accordance to your morals and beliefs. When you are not yourself, you will take on the values and beliefs of others. This is when you start adjusting to other people’s expectations.

When you are able to have a solid foundation and know who you are, you are establishing your own sense of identity.

This challenge of being yourself, takes courage, inner strength and determination. No matter what comes your way, you’ll know how to handle it. When you are always yourself, you know what your limits are and the boundaries that you have set for yourself. You are more likely to be aware when people start taking advantage of you.

When you stay true to who you are, you are more focused in the goals you want to achieve and how to go about accomplishing them, even if the path you take differs from the crowd.

Fulfillment comes with staying true to you and pursuing your dreams and passion. As hard as it is to remember, nothing is more powerful than being yourself in a world that wants you to be like everyone else.

From Ms Madhumitha Ananda Ganesh


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