Covid-19 vaccine: 16-year-old and above can now get vaccinated in the UAE
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Thank you frontliners!

The pandemic came as a wreck of impending revelations, and the least we know we've been battling with the invisible rival for almost a year now. People have gradually adjusted with this kind of life and have started to accept things as they are, considering it 'the new normal'. Since it bombed the world in the first quarter of 2020, COVID-19 has changed the way people live. Many things happened early that year, most of which were even beyond what we can imagine. The miserable part about it was the fact that it has limited our actions, and there are things we can only wish could have been done but now seemed far to reach. Our long-awaited vacations and scheduled travels, weekend night-outs, family gatherings, concerts, movies, celebrations… the list just won't end. Halfway through the year, we're almost getting used to it. So, we took it further – went back to the gym, hopped from one store to the other, dined out at our favourite restaurants, and met our friends. Then eventually, it seemed like everything was back to normal, only with a face mask on. In the midst of all this, one thing that took us through is the excellent health care service provided by the government of Abu Dhabi. We got the necessary treatment from the time we were exposed, which includes a series of swab tests, medical checkup, medicine, and vitamins – all for free. Our friends who are frontliners (together with their families) were quarantined in hotels, complete with food and other services. There is a certain relief that this consistent care and excellent service gave us. I salute all the frontliners, who are risking their lives to serve others. They are our light in this time of crisis. In some ways, they gave us hope from this dire situation. I am grateful for all those who wholeheartedly served us throughout this challenging time.

From Normie Al O Bognoson

Al Ain, UAE

Where’s your face mask?

Today while travelling by elevator, a person stepped in without a mask. When I stepped out immediately to prevent travelling with him, he looked at my husband in surprise. My husband asked him why he wasn't wearing a mask. He replied that he had just stepped out for a moment to visit his car. When pushing the stroller around our apartment, too often, I encounter the same attitude. Men smoking on stairwells with no masks, people stepping out to the apartment's lobby without covering their mouths. People must realise that this pandemic will be in control only if each one of us decides to be safe. Wearing a mask should be second nature by now; grab your phone, your wallet, and your face cover. It is as simple as that.

From Ms Saniya Mariam


Why February?

Well, here comes February, the month of love. It seems like love is filled in the air. All around is a sweet essence of love floating, serving fragrance of love and romance. Hoardings have love-filled messages, shops are flooded with red flowers and balloons, and malls attract visitors with offers and prizes. It all seems wonderful. But, somewhere at the back of my mind, something makes fun of all this, saying that people are celebrating as if once this month passes away, love loses its meaning. Why only this month or a specific day? Does love vanish after it? I am brought up in a culture where love is celebrated every day. As social animals, we want to be loved and cared for always. Any day if our beloved comes with a bouquet or a chocolate box or a teddy bear, we get excited. We feel at the top of the world. When we wish for it every day, why wait for this day? I may sound orthodox for feeling so, but am I not right? In my view, love is a very sacred feeling. It is divine to love and to be loved. It increases the joy of life. It makes life meaningful and worth living. Instead of waiting for a specific day or month, we need to celebrate it every day. Enjoy every moment of life by loving and being loved. Do not wait for a specific day or month. Who has seen the future? It may come or not. Let us not repent for delaying and losing someone very special.

From Ms Noor Tabassum

Fujairah, UAE

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