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A bright vision of the future

When the UAE is celebrating its 48th National Day, all thoughts and prayers go to the visionary Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan who foresaw the progress of this nation (“48th UAE National Day: UAE community celebrates as one”, gulf News, December 4). He dreamt at the time of pearl diving from the sea that the UAE will excel and become a hub for the world. The Rulers of the land have transformed the endless sand into a hub for culture, tourism and innovation. Now, the skies of the UAE are filled with inbound and outbound aircrafts hovering over our heads. The airports in the UAE are busy and full, which is why we are contemplating the need to have bigger airports.

RDS_191203 YT letters National Day pic 2-1575365401415

The UAE flag was hoisted at the International Space Station (ISS). Next, the UAE will reach Mars, and build a future, as described by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. At the same time, the Rulers of the UAE have expressed their gratitude to the martyrs of the land, who have sacrificed their lives to bring peace in different parts of the globe. We also devoted a whole year to teach tolerance to the international community.

I hope when the UAE celebrates its 50th National Day, the country will be revered in the world as number one in each and every sphere.

From Mr Ahmad Hassan Nadapuram


A home for many

The UAE has always been a home away from home, and I am sure, other expats living here agree with me too. It’s is a hub of tourism, a place to grow and offers its residents so much. I’ve lived in Dubai all my life and I have seen this city change in the last few years. The Dubai skyline stands tall and competes with other countries. We are developing in terms of infrastructure, tourism and technology. It has something for everyone.

The UAE offers a multicultural environment wherein people from different countries and nationalities are celebrated, and included as a part of the foundation of this great land. There is so much to look forward to here, in terms of opportunities and ideas. On the occasion of National Day, I would like to wish the UAE for the years to come. I hope the country continues to grow and achieve new milestones.

From Ms Alia Imran


An expat’s love for the UAE

Everyone who has grown up in the UAE will relate to what I have to say. I know a time before the Burj Khalifa’s inception and I know a time when and after it became the tallest building in the world. It was a matter of pride for everyone who calls the UAE their home. When you spend the crucial years of your life growing up in one city, the place becomes more than just a place you have lived in. It is the only place that has ever truly felt like a home. The UAE has given me the fondest memories, a safe and happy childhood, lifelong friends who share the same experiences as I do, quality education, the best food in the world and so much more. I know the UAE National Anthem and can recite it with immense passion and enthusiasm. I take great pride in all of the UAE’s extraordinary accomplishments and ventures. I know that the UAE will continue to soar high and set exemplary records and I will be right here cheering my beautiful country on.

From Ms Aqsa Adil


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United we stand

The celebration of the 48th UAE National Day is not for Emiratis alone but for all those who live and work in the UAE. The Bangladeshi community along with nationalities and expats celebrated this day with happiness. All the expats living in the UAE prove that we stand together, united, in this land.

From Mr M.A. Mannan

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pawar outsmarts Amit Shah

The political drama which was ongoing in the state of Maharashtra has finally come to an end, in an unexpected turn (“Maharashtra politics and delusions in India’s democracy”, Gulf News, December 2) . The power-hungry ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was stopped in their tracks by politician Sharad Pawar. The politically incorrect facts of the Home Minister, Amit Shah, deserve this outcome. This incident should be a good lesson to the BJP to learn to walk before running. Whatever has happened in Maharashtra will remain a black chapter in the political history of India.

From Mr Thomas Matthew Parackel,

Kerala, India

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Maharashtra, October 19 (ANI): Union Home Minister Amit Shah addresses at an election rally in Nandurbar on Saturday. (ANI Photo)

A matter of image

This is in reference to the Gulf News interview with BJP leader, Eknath Khadse, who was right when he said that the BJP should not have joined hands with Ajit Pawar, against whom there are several allegations regarding massive irrigation scams (“Was Ajit Pawar a Trojan Horse, wonders BJP now”, Gulf News, November 27). His false support has only benefited him, as the charges against him have been dropped. With this, it is the BJP who has taken a beating and has had to be embarrassed. Above all, the BJP has given a new life to the Congress party, who are now confident to ally with local parties to form their own or coalition government in some states. From now on, it is going to be a Herculean task for the BJP to retain power in some states, who are to face elections in 2020. It is time for BJP to pull up their socks and do something good for the farmers and salaried middle classes and pensioners. This could help revive their sagging image.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


The exam system in schools

The draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019 proposes that exams will be replaced by class assessments (“No exams for Indian schools? Is this a good thing?”, Gulf News, November 25). One has to view the entire landscape of education in India to explore its implications. Firstly, why are exams in India such a significant source of stress? They are so stressful because they aren’t enough quality college seats. Flexibility in exam timings and subjects will definitely help with the issue of stress but the real issue is the quality of college education.

Quality education goes beyond professional courses - the content of such courses is too limited. The real excitement of education lies in understanding and participating in knowledge generation across disciplines. Hands- on learning is only a part of this approach.

Secondly, I disagree with the view that exams and the stress around them encourage learning. Exams are simply a tool for students to evaluate their own progress. Real learning is self-directed - exams help keep track of this. Any change made in a system where exams or assessments are still the sole motivation of academic activity will end up being cosmetic.

From Mr Rakesh Sinha


Tobacco chewing affecting Pakistan

Rampant consumption of toxic tobacco-laden products is adversely affecting the health of people in Sindh, especially Karachi (Pakistan announces health tax on tobacco, sugary drinks”, Gulf News, May 31). A complete ban of such toxic products is the need of the hour.

A study conducted in Sindh showed how nicotine dependence, exhaled carbon monoxide levels and oral hygiene, in addition to poor dental hygiene can lead to digestive health problems.

The general public needs to be educated about healthy eating habits and proper dental hygiene.

From Mr Nasir Soomro

Karachi, Pakistan

Ayodhya judgement for Peace

The Ayodhya Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute issue has been settled bringing relief to those who wanted peace and tranquillity. It has however disappointing those who wanted it to be an unending issue to keep their political pot boiling.

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”, and thanks to the wisdom of our court, that is what exactly happened here.

More than the judgement, what made me extremely happy is the way the minority of our nation has reacted with great restrain and peace. I sensed highest form of tolerance and social responsibility in the Muslim community when most of our Muslim politicians and leaders urged their communities to maintain peace.

As our Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly said, this is not the time to analyse who is winning and who is losing. We need to stay as one for the sake of our nation. Whatever be the reason, fighting between two brothers will never do anybody any good. Forgiving and forgetting is the basic mantra of brotherhood. We need to strive for co-existence.

Therefore, let us leave behind the past and join hands to build a better future.

From Mr M.E. Moolur


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