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Warmth of Christmas feels like home!

It’s that time of the year again when magic and good cheer is felt beyond borders (“13 Christmas markets and Santa sightings in the UAE”, Gulf News, December 15). Hundreds of light bulbs just about everywhere blinking in rhythm, brings alive the incredible spirit of the winter holidays in everyone’s heart.

Christmas to me is the inexhaustible source of fun, a beautiful blanket of snow and flurries, it’s about laughter and love. Huddling by the lit tree, and spending time with family and friends creates that charm, promising hope and goodness for all the tomorrows to come. Probably this is the time when mind, body and soul get in complete harmony. We must absorb all that’s good around us. So, soak in all that make-believe magic from the North Pole, Santa’s grotto, mischievous elves and reindeer sleigh rides. Spend time with friends and family and cherish the weather, have some hot cholate, and smile!

From Ms Chaya Mathews


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A visitor gestures in front of a diver dressed as Santa Claus inside a fish tank at the Aquaria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Image Credit: REUTERS

A happy time of year

Come December, and the air is filled with magic and wonder. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve round the corner, everyone’s mood is automatically lifted and there’s a cheer in the air (“It’s the thought that counts in Christmas”, Gulf News, December 17). Even though a lot of people spend a large part of their day in the office, people need to take time out to decorate their workplace and make their space happy and cheerful. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

From Ms Lory Daily


Christmas memories to cherish

My father and a certain Mr Mathews were colleagues and worked together in Mumbai, India. They were as thick as thieves and remained best friends for almost 50 years!

On the eve of Christmas, my father would bring home a big box of goodies which contained Achappams (a fried snack), delectable plum cakes and delicious cookies, a special Christmas treat from Mr Mathews and his wife. My sister and I were little girls then and would look forward to the goodies and all four of us, including my parents would sit at the table and relish the delightful treats at midnight. This had become a ritual for several years! Today, neither my father, nor Mr Mathews is alive, but come Christmas, I will always cherish these beautiful memories forever!

from Ms Radha Hari


Eating during Christmas

When December starts, my diet ends, not because I want it to end, but because it’s impossible not to resist the abundant sweet treats available in the market for the festive season (“It’s the thought that counts in Christmas”, Gulf News, December 18). I nearly had a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast the other day and it’s safe to say that things are getting slightly out of hand. Most cafes in Dubai offer new drinks and additions to their menu for the occasion for Christmas and it’s just such a shame if these goodies aren’t tried. The days leading up to Christmas involves me getting candy and treats for my children. No matter how busy you are with work, take some time out to spend time with your family during this holiday season.

From Mr Simon Dean


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A man hangs clothing at a sorting facility for online thrift store ThredUp.(Matt York / Associated Press)

Know your consumer rights

I visited a furniture store in Abu Dhabi on October 24, 2019 (“TAMM centres now offer 246 services under one roof”, Gulf News, March 26). On the walls, there were many advertisements stating that customers would get ‘half back on everything’ when they made purchases. I bought a photo frame, paid Dh129 by credit card to the cashier.

After paying the amount, I asked the cashier to refund half my money but the cashier refused. I was told that the offer is applicable only if I spent a minimum of Dh400. I asked her why this is not written in the advertisement and she told me that other customers were also complaining about it. It was only after making the payment did other customers come to know this rule.

Article 4 of the Federal Law Number 24 of 2006, addresses the issue of Consumer protection. Therefore, I took up the matter with Consumer Protection Dept. of Ministry of Economy. But, they were not able to resolve the problem and asked me to go to court. Subsequently, I took up the matter up with the Abu Dhabi Government (Tamm) and after their intervention, I got a free gift voucher for 50 per cent. I also got an apology from the shop for creating a misleading advertisement. Such advertisements are deceiving customers. It is to be noted that since my complaint was registered, the furniture store is now displaying the correct banners and are mentioning the minimum Dh400 spend.

The point is that I managed to get justice by complaining to the authorities. The other customers who have been cheated before and after me have not got justice as they were unaware of their rights.

Therefore, I would advise all customers and consumers to be aware of consumer protection laws and approach the concerned departments whenever they feel like they are cheated. Knowledge of the law is a great equaliser as it prevents large organisations from cheating hapless individuals. I hope this letter benefits other customers.

From Mr Deb Prasanna Choudhury


Protecting the world with technology

Suddenly wondering how technology can protect the world? As technology is advancing, so is the environment. The Earth is slowly becoming too small to give homes to all individuals. With a minority protecting the earth, let’s point out what the majority can do.

The electric public transportation system will help reduce the cars on the road, and will get more people to use public transportation.

The petrol used by public buses can be replaced by electricity. Rather than using machines, fix a solar panel on the bus to generate renewable energy? Smart touchscreens can replace the bus conductors. A much better option than buses would be metro systems as they are more ecofriendly. Though many people may not realise, the amount of carbon dioxide each of our private cars are releasing will demolish and reduce the ozone layer.

From Ms Zahra Abdul


Factory fire in Delhi

This is with reference to the recent Delhi factory fire that took many lives. This will be the largest number of casualties reported in a fire accident. The Indian Capitol Delhi is a very busy city and this place is crowded and hence the victims could not rush immediately. A probe should be made. If fire safety measures are not maintained properly, the factory is liable to compensate for the victims. Despite the compensation the lives lost won’t come back.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Has this happened to you?

Just wanted to bring this to notice that banks nowadays have appointed collection agents who keep calling and harassing customers. They sometimes even get personal.

I feel like there should be a limit on the calls and they should be restricted to talk about bank-related work, and nothing more. The agent was passing weird statements. It was very sad to see the prejudiced mindset of the bank collection agent. I wish it could be raised with the authorities to regulate them.

From Mr Omer Azeez


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