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  • From politics to scams, readers discuss current events in the Letters section.

“Gulf News is my life”

My father-in-law is 81 years old and is having a lot of trouble nowadays as recently we moved to Sila in Abu Dhabi, near the Saudi Arabia border. He says that he is not living anymore, as he is not able to get his daily read of Gulf News. He normally would read the newspaper while he drank his tea but for the past one week he has not even been drinking tea. He says, “I am not living, my life is not the same without Gulf News.”

He has worked in the UAE for over 20 years and is a regular reader of Gulf News. Even when he goes to India for a month, we don’t throw away the newspapers that come in. When he returns, he makes sure he reads all of them. Even when he goes to India, he takes the magazines that come with the newspaper with him. He would see the paper quality and say, “This is the newspaper I dreamed about.” He is an old man and loves the newspaper a lot.

From Ms Sabeena Zarreen
Abu Dhabi

Stepping up for the people

One can see the effect killing innocent people has on the world (“India-Pakistan tension: What’s next?”, Gulf News, February 27). You can almost hear the cries of the family members who have lost their near and dear ones forever. Try and imagine the condition of a wife, a children or a parent who has lost their loved one? Their life starts to have no charm. Even if time manages to heal the suffering, the pain still remains. Terrorists only kill the innocent. Humanity calls for effective action.

From Mr Jagdip H. Vaishnav

A victim of a scam

I want to thank Gulf News for revealing the Wisdom Job scandal. I’ve been a victim myself. I have been trying to get a job since last year, so I registered on their website. Once I did, they immediately called me and asked me to pay Rs4,425 (Dh228.3). It was a service charge for forwarding my resume to different companies. I paid through my credit card. They contacted me the next day and informed me that my information was shortlisted for a position with a shipping company in Singapore. But I had to pay some additional charges. I refused to pay this and simultaneously contacted the company myself. According to the company Human Resources adviser, there was no such vacancy present. Luckily or unluckily, I have only lost Rs4,425 (Dh228.3). Once again, I would like to thank Gulf News for bringing this to the authorities.

From Mr Krishna Kumar

Promoting Uzbekistan

I would like to express my gratitude to tabloid! for publishing a story about Uzbekistan’s historical cities and culture (“Uzbekistan: A guide to exploring the historic Silk Road”, Gulf News, February 16)! We do believe that tourists from all over the world will love our people, rich culture and history, delicious cuisine, and most importantly, hospitality. I hope to continue our future cooperation.

From Mr Alisher Salomov
The Consul General of Republic of Uzbekistan in Dubai

Road rules neglected

The fast lane is for overtaking and for those people who are trying to move to the right. It is not being followed. I’ve been driving in the UAE since 2001. Buses, trucks, pick-up vans and delivery bikes all want to be in the left lane, but drive slowly. When it comes to an exit, they cut across four to five lanes and almost cause accidents. I think it is a good idea to mark the left lane with speed limits.

From Mr Andrew X.

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