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Respect everyone

If you only have love for your own race, you leave space for discrimination (“Three more Indians in UAE face action over Islamophobic social media posts”, Gulf News, May 2). Discrimination only generates hate. Love conquers all, and it breaks all barriers. I challenge you to choose love over hate. Always learn to love and respect everyone and their beliefs.

From Mr Manfred Anwanda
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Live and let live…

Right now the world is fighting against coronavirus. Let’s concentrate on that, humanity comes first. No religion preaches something negative for others. Let’s all pray that the world is saved from this pandemic. Stay safe and stay home. Respect everyone’s beliefs, and respect all religions. Live and let live.

From Mr Samir Mutalib Agha
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Feeling caged

“I feel like a caged animal” is how most people are describing staying at home (“Pictures: Animals roam streets around the world as humans take a step back amid coronavirus pandemic”,, March 29). Now is a good time to recognise what it actually is like for a caged animal in a zoo. Animals would naturally shun contact with humans, keeping themselves hidden away in their natural habitat. But in a zoo they cannot escape. They have nowhere to go, and no space to roam. Birds pluck their own feathers, elephants sway back and forth, tigers pace incessantly, and other animals display different kinds of behaviour of distress. “Zoochosis” is a word used to explain the miserable behaviour animals display when in captivity. Eventually we will all be let out and go about our lives. Animals in zoos cannot.

From Ms Eleanor Thomas
California, US

Pay attention to safety precautions

Dubai authorities have done their best in helping residents fight coronavirus (“Explained: All the ease in coronavirus-related restrictions in Dubai”,, April 24). They have now eased restrictions and have give permission to people to go outside. It is our duty to obey the safety instructions issued to us by the UAE government. We need to take it seriously, to end the pandemic.

From Mr Mohammad Faizal
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Patience is key

The measures taken to limit the time spent at outdoor places in Dubai is understandable (“COVID-19 re-opening: La Mer, City Walk, Kite Beach and more Meraas spots in Dubai”, Gulf News, April 29). What can one do for more than three hours outside anyway? Three hours is enough for someone to shop and dine-in. This is to give a chance to others to enjoy the place as well. We were still in the process of going back to our normal lives, so we just need to be thankful for what we have now. Gradually, once this virus is contained and the vaccines are out, those people who want to stay in these public places can stay outside longer.

From Ms Gherie Villegas
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