190212 Delhi smog
New Delhi: Pedestrians walk through a foggy street at Rajpath, in New Delhi, Monday, Feb 11, 2019. Image Credit: PTI

The stolen cycle crisis

I read an article regarding the theft of bicycles and a student who had to go through this (“Dubai students concerned after bicycles stolen at Metro station”, Gulf News, November 4). I understand this well because my brother experienced the same scenario word to word almost. Living close to the Stadium Metro Station in Dubai, our place of stay is still a good 15-minute walk to the station. In order to ease the walking during the afternoon when my brother, Shiham, returns from his college, our father bought him a cycle.

We bought it in the evening of October 6. He rode it for a few minutes and next morning rode it to the station. Before leaving he ensured that it was secured with a lock – as an extra precaution. He even took a picture of the bike to ensure that it was locked. When he came back that afternoon after college he was shocked to find no traces of the cycle where he had locked it. Not even 24 hours had passed since he got the new cycle and it was already gone.

A complaint was registered via the Dubai Police website with detailed explanation of the incident. In a city like Dubai where thousands of people use the Metro services, the security around the cycle parking area needs to be tightened by placing more surveillance cameras and easy culprit identification methods should a case be registered.

From Mr Hisham Nazer


Stolen cycles near Metro stations

NAT 191008 CYCLE2-1570543163642
Cycle stands erected by Abu Dhabi municipal authorities around the city: Picture by Anwar

My colleagues and I have had a similar experience wherein our bicycles were stolen from the Union Metro Station in Dubai. Every morning, my son will lock his bicycle at the stand with a heavy lock and he will go to school by metro. Thieves are breaking the lock and steeling the bicycle in broad daylight. Similarly, we lost three bicycles from the Union Metro Station in Dubai. I have would like to advise residents to be alert when you park your bicycles near any Metro station stand. My son was very upset and he couldn’t concentrate on his studies because he lost his favourite bicycle.

From Nishithaj Ajmal


A big win!

First, I would like to congratulate the man who won the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw (“Dubai Duty Free: Dubai expat wins a million dollars, but where is he?”, Gulf News, November 5). He is one of the lucky few who has got a chance to fulfil his or her dreams! There are only few lucky people who get this opportunity once in their lifetime, and he is one of them. How should you spend it? My advice to him would be to look for some smart startups and companies that are doing well and are looking for angel investors. You can park some portion of the winning jackpot with them, in exchange for some good returns and help them fulfil their dreams. This can also support many people find new job opportunities in the market and will support the economic growth. It will assure you good returns on your investment.

From Mr Krishan Bhatia


Tragic: Child commits suicide

My heart goes out to the family of the boy who died on Wednesday, in Sharjah, in an apparent suicide (“Grandfather blames online games for teen’s suicide in Sharjah”, Gulf News, March 28). I wanted to point something out. We have to stop blaming online games for what is happening in families with teenagers and preteens. Family is there to care about you, to know and see, to make conclusions, to make their vulnerable children feel loved, safe and understood. When I read that the child’s mother and father were not in the UAE, I felt like the child was in an absolutely chaotic environment. I have three children. The youngest one is 14. Please, parents and grandparent, be there for your children. Even if children are reluctant to “let you in” and talk about their problems, be there for them.

They need you. Anyone can be prone to depression and this has nothing to do with religion. Parents and caregivers are busy with setting boundaries and curfews, busy with making a living and taking care of the house, busy with pleasing members of the family. We often forget to pay attention to our children. Please let’s look within the family first. Let’s dig in and try to see and understand our children. In addition to family, mentors, or having a buddy system in school and social could be a big help during the turbulent times of growing up.

From Ms Lara Myagkaya


190212 Delhi smog
New Delhi: Pedestrians walk through a foggy street at Rajpath, in New Delhi, Monday, Feb 11, 2019. Image Credit: PTI

Delhi gas chamber

Air pollution has turned Delhi in to a gas chamber, and this was a meaningful article to read (“Explained: Air pollution has turned Delhi into a gas chamber”, Gulf News November 5). It was also thought provoking. The crisis in the Indian capital has been nicely analysed and shows how millions of people are facing a tough time. There are many reasons why this situation is getting aggravated and it is because many sugar cane manufacturers are burning the waste material, causing a lot of smoke to spread to the cities. Pollution from vehicles is also another factor for this. Even though the Indian government is doing something to curb the problem, the issue is grave. Children going to school are also badly affected by this smog. It is high time the government of India should address this issue permanently.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Toxic air

The smog in Delhi is not new. Neither is the inaction on the part of the government. People are choking, the air is toxic, it is affecting human health and the transport systems, and the government still needs a yearly reminder. Why can’t there be any fixed rules in pace? Climate change is a real issue. The carbon dioxide levels are increasing, glaciers are melting and temperatures are rising. We need strict action immediately.

From Mr Seema Ajwani


Tragedy of negligence

It was an enormously heart-breaking event to mourn the death of more than 65 people, who were killed on a train in Pakistan, when the gas cylinder burst. Unfortunately, some of victims have still not been identified yet (“Pakistan: Death toll from fire on the express train jumps to 73”, Gulf News, November 1). According to some of the passengers, the train kept on moving forward despite the ferocious fire. The brakes in the coaches were dysfunctional. Ironically, gas cylinders are prohibited items, and cannot be carried as luggage. What was lacking was the responsibility of the railways to safeguard the safety of the passengers and follow guidelines, which are supposed to be monitored by authorities. Airports have much stricter rules and the railway authority needs to be stricter about restrictions. Blame cannot be put on the passengers. The concerned authorities must take the correct health measures to prevent such casualties and to ascertain the real cause of the incident.

From Mr Nasir Soomro

Karachi, Pakistan

Be thankful no matter what

We hear the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason” quite often. Whenever good or bad things happens to us, we say, “Oh! It happened for a reason”. But do we ever stop and think about that that means? It means that whatever happened was or was not in accordance with our plan, but it happened for a reason. There are some incidents in life that break you physically, but those same incidents also transform your soul and it happens because God wills it to happen. He wants you to be the best version of yourself. Everyone goes through adversity. It is because we all want comfort in our lives that when adversity comes our way we often ask: “Why me?”. Life was never supposed to be easy. So why do we expect so much ease from life? It’s beautifully said that someone somewhere is waiting for the life you are living right now. So whatever you have in your life, all miseries, and sorrows just embrace that with your heart and soul and think that despite the negatives, you are still blessed. The person who is not bitter is the person who is always grateful for what he has. So be grateful for what you have and always end up having more.

From Ms Tejal Shah


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