Does Congress have a chance?

This is with reference to the world’s largest democracy, India and the general elections that are taking place (“Watch: Who will be the next prime minister of India? What astrologers have to say”, Gulf News, April 11). As per my observation, out of 15 elections, the Congress party has won and formed the government 10 times. However, despite this, they have been unsuccessful in solving the problem of unemployment, poverty, and other issues of the common man. You cannot expect a miracle from the Narendra Modi government. Despite their short time in office, they have managed to solve issues of national security. Experts and analysts are under the opinion that Modi should be given one more chance to fulfil his left out promises. I think it is quite logical. If the Congress would have fulfilled the unemployment problem in their 10-year tenure, things would be better. Nepotism, and corruption was the reason why the Congress was eliminated. Ultimately, it is up to the people to select their administration.
From Mr K. Ragavan

What has Modi done?

The Indian general elections are taking place right now and tension is high. This election is a crucial one for the country (“India Elections 2019: “We want jobs, clean drinking water, good roads, so stop the mud-slinging and listen to us”, say Indians living in the UAE”, Gulf News, April 11). The Modi government has ruined India in the last few years and it is time we have better governance. Women’s safety is still an issue, unemployment, poverty and corruption are still evils that have to be addressed. What has the government been doing? Modi’s biggest achievement is the number of pictures he’s managed to take with world leaders that he can hang up on his wall. In reality, the government has nothing to show for.
From Ms Kavita Krishnan

Leaders, show your faces

Rahul Gandhi openly challenged Modi on Twitter, and I like how social media is being used to play politics. You can easily engage the reactions of the people and who they are leaning towards. Modi has not replied to Gandhi’s challenge but let’s hope there is actually a debate between the two, kind of like what takes place in the American elections.
From Mr Kuldeep Ahuja

Who will win in India?

This is with reference to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s comment that post-poll alliance is possible to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Having failed to come to an amicable understanding with some of the opposition leaders, to form the much hyped “Mahaghatbhandan”, Gandhi is now left with no other alternative but to beg for a post-poll alliance. Of course, such unholy alliances is nothing new to the present day Congress. Like in the state of Karnataka, he will have to shatter his dream of becoming the Prime Minister. We are confident that the state leaders would be wise enough to thwart his ideas. The Congress party is adamant to survive the elections this year. Time will tell us as to what’s in store for the hapless voters in our country.
From Mr T. S. B. Chander

Explore who you are

Do any of us remember when we realised that we were good at something? What was that “something” that made us feel on top of the world and bought out the best out of ourselves?

It is nothing but our talents. Very truly, it is said that talents are gifted by God. But, does God make us good dancers and singers as soon as we are born?

I believe that God gives us the strength to do anything and everything. But, it is inner passion and determination that makes us constantly do something until we succeed in doing it. Amidst all this is when we realise that we are “talented” in whatever we are doing.

Hence, talent is a wonderful destination that unlocks the powers, strength and spark within us. It is like a ray of light that brightens our lives as it gives us a new identity.

Celebrity and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey’s talent for speaking magnificently makes her one of the most influential people in the world. It was her ability to unlock the talent within herself and be confident and self-driven. Hence, having the burning desire to discover our talents and uncovering our true identities should be our own way of self-exploration.
From Shezeen Mohammad

Resonating pieces

The article written by Garima S. Kapoor echoes many of our situation here in the UAE (“Readers Views: “I am a good daughter”, Gulf News April 9). My compliments to the writer.
From Mr M. G. Ramesh Villavarayen

Protect children

It’s shocking to know that a seven-year-old boy was brutally assaulted by his mother’s live-in partner and was fighting for his life (“Little hope for abused boy’s survival”, doctors warn, Gulf News, April 1). It’s inhuman and I have no words to describe this heinous crime, and one can’t understand why the mother has not reported the physical abuse to authorities. Child abuse have been on the rise in recent years in Kerala. Children are not even safe in their own homes.

Parents need to teach their children about safety and even schools can guide and give proper counselling for children. The government of Kerala should take strict measures to make sure these criminals are punished in a given time frame. The state is the sole responsibility to protect the rights of children.
From Mr Eappen Elias

Setting a good example

Gulf News is my favourite UAE newspaper and has been for the past 27 years (“Emiratis tweet thanking New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern”, Gulf News, March 19). The newspaper covered the recent attacks in New Zealand and did so in an extensive and appropriate manner. I recommend the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her prompt action and sincere effort shown during the tragedy not only helped the pain and sorrow of the affected community, but also minimised the chances of recurrence of any such tragedy on the either side of the fence. In fact, she did her best to demolish the fence. She succeeded in doing so, and provided a model for the world. She set an example to those living in the country and outside, that New Zealand is a peaceful place to live in.

Through Gulf News, I request for the sake of humanity and to all other peace-loving, thinking and feeling individuals, to appreciate the way she handled the situation. It will set a good precedence of far-reaching positive effects.
From Mr K. M. Furqan
Abu Dhabi

Sports or scam?

Cricket academies have proliferated all over the place and most of them are just making money in addition to making fools of young children, who look forward to learning the game with utmost sincerity and enthusiasm (“Words to the wise from Wisden”, Gulf News, April 11). They end up feeling disheartened when coaches speak in terms of money rather than enhancing their cricketing skills. It is sad to see the fall in the standards of coaching. There are so many cricketing academies that organise tournaments just to fill their pockets! It’s appalling and exasperating.
From Ms Navanita Varadpande

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