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Good leader for Pakistan

I am from Nepal and I really admire Pakistan’s Prime Miniater Imran Khan (“With Imran Khan’s speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Pakistan arrived”, www.gulfnews.com, February 13). In Nepal, we also need a daring leader like him and we are still waiting. He is an inspiring man. He became a role model not only for Pakistan, but for the entire world.

From Mr Neroz Vuzel

190212 imran khan
Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, addresses the World Government Summit at Madinat Jumeirah. Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman/Gulf News

Respect between countries

Imran Khan is a good leader and seemingly works hard. He has inspired many people and it reflects greatly in the policy decisions he takes. It would be good if Pakistanis also have the same good regard for our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and base their opinions not on rumours, but on his actual work.

From Mr Shri Iyer
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Mutual growth and development

I am an Indian and I like Imran Khan. He was a good cricket captain and now he is proving to be a brilliant leader. I hope Pakistan will grow under his leadership and I hope the relationship between India and Pakistan will prosper as well. It should be a win-win situation for both countries.

From Mr Shibu Joy Edison
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Reaching new heights together

If the prime ministers of Pakistan and India would lead their countries towards a peaceful solution to their problems, in the next five years, they might become more prosperous than come of the current superpowers. I want to see this happen.

From Mr Sajjad Ullah Mohammad
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Imran Khan: Leading the people

His speech was amazing. I admire the way he told those attending that Pakistan is a loving nation whose doors are always open to people. The way he defended the country, only a patriotic person could do that. Most Pakistanis know that it’s a tough period for us, but we will get through it.

From Mr Raza Hassan


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Challenges ahead

Imran Khan has successfully transformed the international image of Pakistan. However, domestically, the story is different. He and his party members are dealing with corrupt and experienced bureaucrats, who are not happy to be transparent. They are all used to making money through the hands of the common man. Khan has an uphill task domestically to fix these ministers.

From Mr Anil Chohan

Restoring dignity

Imran Khan has not only changed the image of Pakistan, but he brought back the country’s honour and dignity. Previous leaders do not have the vision Khan has. Pakistan needs its captain.

From Mr Ashraf Jamil

Be the change you want to see

I’m a proud Pakistani because I have this gem of a human being as my leader. The damage done to the country is massive. It will take a lot of patience to restore Pakistan to what it was but we have to be united and take a stand. We have to show the world we are beyond their clichéd thoughts. All of us have to make a difference. Our contributions matters! We can’t depend on one man to make a change, we have to be a team.

From Ms Anam Saleem

Will dynasty politics win?

Politics is a game of images, of visibility, of narrative and of timing (“Priyanka Gandhi Vadra makes Twitter debut”. Gulf News, February 12). With just three months to go, in India, a new image has entered the fray, that of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. The Gandhi name already carries a lot of heft behind it. Call it nepotism or dynasty politics, there is a feeling of trust in the family, not just the individual. There is faith in the family name; there is faith that if one generation of the family has ruled, the next generation is better equipped to be a ruler. If nothing else, the introduction of Priyanka Gandhi, has added another flavour to this election, probably the last roll of the dice for the Congress party to reclaim the parliament. She brings with herself novelty, a strong voice, clarity and the resemblance to her influential grandmother Indira Gandhi, which Rahul Gandhi struggled to pull together. Together, they face the most influential individual the country has seen in a long time, an orator, influencer, leader and an expert campaigner, Narendra Modi. With this introduction the narrative for this election has at once shifted from Modi versus Gandhi to individual versus the dynasty.

From Mr Sudeep Devpura

World governments meet

The World Government Summit 2019 was a very significant event (“World Government Summit Dubai: Role of responsible communication in crisis management”, Gulf News, February 11). So many dignitaries attended the sessions and put forth such fabulous ideas. I think having such summits is a great opportunity to get people to put their thinking caps on and do something for the greater good. Many ideas were shared and plans for the future were made. From more satellites to the use of artificial intelligence, the future is looking fast and efficient. What will the next 10 years hold for mankind? Only time will tell.

From Ms Rania Khalid

Encourage healthy eating

Obesity is very alarming among the youth in the UAE. We need to encourage local food and healthy cuisines. The UAE has amazing restaurants and selections. Burgers and fast food items are appetising but people usually choose soft drinks to flush them down their stomach, which make it less healthy.

From Mr Nawaf Abu Ghazaleh

Senior citizens always lose out

Whether it is the union budget or the state budget of India, the common man always has some expectation from the government. However, after elections take place, no benefit is given to the poor people and pensioners. Ironically, though the pensioners are made to pay income tax on their pension and savings, they seldom get any benefit from the government. Senior citizens are the most neglected in our country. There is absolutely no scheme that helps them. Insurance companies have very high premiums, which no pensioner can afford to pay every year, that too without reimbursement for domiciliary treatments. The government should come out with a free medical insurance scheme that benefits the public.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

An Indian cricket legend

Congratulations to columnist K.R Nayar for beautifully refreshing the memory of the readers and the cricket lovers of India and Pakistan with his article (“20 years on, Kumble’s perfect 10 still shines”, Gulf News, February 8). Anil Kumble’s 10-wicket haul in 1999 at Kotla Pitch stands out as one of the finest moments of Indian cricket. A similar feat was achieved by England’s Jim Laker in 1943 at the Old Trafford pitch. These are some of the feats which I am sure, will be cherished by the cricketers and those who love the game. Both India and Pakistan need to have ties so they can bring up their best talent in a highly charged competitive atmosphere. Love for this wonderful game of cricket between the people of both countries will generate mutual goodwill and also bring the people of both the countries together.

From Mr Gopal Sriniwasan

An unforgettable moment

February 5, 2019 will be carved in history forever. Muslims and Christians came together and this was the pinnacle of tolerance and love. It was a beautiful to see Pope Francis and the grand Grand Imam of Al Azhar walk together that day. The UAE government planned the papal mass very well. When the Pope entered the stadium, people were very happy. We lived for this moment and it was worth it. My 27 years of living has been fulfilled. Long live the UAE.

From Ms Clare Francis
Abu Dhabi

Values are important

Parents are so busy earning a living, trying to provide for their children that they are forgetting to pass on their heritage. Whatever they didn’t get, they want to give those things to their children. Values like being human, kind, humble, caring and respecting people and cultures is what is required to have peace in today’s world. Emotional connections are something that today’s generation needs. Leaving your children with a big bank balance is not the way to connect with your loved ones and this is something that should be understood by today’s generation. Going to pray is not enough if you are not going to teach your children to be kind. It is important if you teach children to to be kind to others. Spending quality time with loved ones and teaching them to be compassionate is better than giving them a large inheritance.

From Ms Tejal Shah

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