Pakistan team, seen in action against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi last month, will be back to get some valuable match practice before their title defence in Twenty-20 World Cup. Image Credit: Gulf News archive

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Glued to a screen

We live in an era of smartphones, where everyone is glued to their devices (“Mobile phones not safe for kids below 13, says expert”, Gulf News, March 15). I’ve seen a lot of parents giving their children a smartphone to keep them calm. The child is constantly playing games on the phone, not realising what’s going on around them. They are so occupied with their games they don’t realise this addiction is not only harming them physically, but also mentally.

When children spend a lot of time in front of a screen, they tend to become very anxious. There are a lot of studies that prove that these screens can cause sleeplessness and irritability among children, which can then affect their routine and academic performance. Beautiful were those days when children played outdoor games, took part in physical activities, made friends and were exposed to all kinds of seasons. This helped to build their immunity.

Today’s generation suffers from obesity and associated disorders just because of the lack of physical activity. They hardly end up burning needed calories because they are glued to their screens for a majority of the day. We must encourage kids to explore the world through playing and interaction.

From Ms Nivedita Mathapathi


Pakistan team, seen in action against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi last month, will be back to get some valuable match practice before their title defence in Twenty-20 World Cup. Image Credit: Gulf News archive

A surprising victory

Congratulations to the to Pakistan cricket team for their convincing victory against a demoralised South African team at Lords (“Pakistan push South Africa out of the World Cup”, Gulf news, June 24). Thus, they kept the hope of seeing them play in the semi-final of the World Cup alive. Firstly, after winning the toss, Pakistan decided to bat, and with contribution from a few top-order batsmen, they were able to amass a winning total of 308 runs.

Once they crossed the 300-run mark, the South African team, who have been struggling from their first game, seemed to be out of the match. They sorely missed the services of their ace batsman, AB de Villiers, whose offer to return to the team from retirement, was rejected by the Cricket Board. This buried their prospects of lifting the elusive ICC cricket World Cup since 1992.

From Mr Ayush Srikanth

Chennai, India

A threat in the mouth

This opinion is in response to the explosion of an e-cigarette in a teenager’s mouth (“San Francisco first major US city to ban e-cigarette sales”, Gulf News, June 27). These devices have become more dangerous than regular cigarettes. My humble request to the concerned authorities is to ban the use of such items completely. It’s a horrible scene to watch clouds of smoke coming out of people’s mouths. Please save our younger generation from this killer habit. We do not want our sons and daughters to fall prey to this. Human body is sacred, please avoid abusing it.

From Mr Andrew X.


Thoughts affect our actions

Thoughts play such a vital role in our life (“UAE’s efforts to promote well-being appreciable”, Gulf News, June 11). When anyone tells us something, if we take their words in positively, we get happy but if we take them negatively, we get hurt and upset. We then carry these feelings with ourselves in our hearts like a burden.

In reality, the person who said those words to us doesn’t even realise that they have hurt us. We get mentally disturbed by our own thoughts. It’s all on us, how we should take the things – either positively or negatively.

OPN Woman thinking-1558096390574
Do we need to know what a close friend has discussed with another close friend about a third close friend’s doings.

Positive thoughts and negative thoughts both play a very important role in our lives. We should not think about things which we never want to happen. It said in our religious scriptures that we should never hurt anyone, even in our dreams.

Sometimes we think negatively about some people and sometimes, those thoughts are so strong that the person in question does get hurt. We should not forget that there are no bad people, only wrong circumstances. Always think positive and never allow other people’s negativity to affect your inner peace. Joy is a natural phenomenon and misery is our own creation.

From Ms Tejal Shah


Protect the refugees

June 20 was celebrated as Wold Refugee Day (“World Refugee Day: In 2018, every second refugee in the world was a child”, Gulf News, June 20). Millions of people are displaced on account of war and other types of violence. They are suffering tremendously every day.

Are we not responsible for their sufferings? The number of refugees is rising day by day. Shouldn’t we think of doing something to change this alarming tragic situation? We have to stop harming others and start helping other human beings.

File photo: Venezuelan migrants line up for free bread and coffee, donated by a Colombian family from their car, at a gas station in Pamplona, Colombia. A record 71 million people have been displaced worldwide from war, persecution and other violence, the U.N. refugee agency said Wednesday, June 18, 2019. Image Credit: AP

Why are people attacking other countries? We can resolve all types of issues amicably through peaceful negotiations. War is not a solution for any problem. On the contrary, it aggravates the problem. Let us give up this barbarism and alleviate human sufferings. We should abolish the concept of war. Let us live like human beings. Let us embark on a new world order, one that has no war and no more violence.

From Mr Mohammad Khaleel Muallim


Inhumane acts

I read with anguish the article about a man torturing his mother (“Mother allegedly tortured and starved to death by her own son in Dubai”, Gulf News, June 20). Are these people human? How did they think they could get away with this? They thought they can get away with the law, and will not be able to live a single day without penance for committing a crime against one’s own mother. I can’t even think of speaking harshly to my parents or for that matter any elderly person and these two have stooped down to such a level! I hope they get the harshest of all punishments.

From Mr Juzer M.


Keep children safe

The recent cases with regard to children being left in buses were very disturbing (“Avoid accidents, make children responsible for each other on buses in the UAE”, Gulf News, June 27). I am a senior citizen but when I was about nine years old, I dozed off in the middle of my final exam! Had it not been due to the vigilance of one of the supervisors, who shook me and said only 20 minutes were left, I might have lost one year! I managed to finish scribbling my answers till the last minute.

Since that day, my mother started giving me very milky tea every morning, and I never had such a problem again. Even then, there were many myths linked to children having tea, like weakening eyesight, pimples, and more, but I wish to say that even after six decades, my eyesight is still the same.

On the contrary, my eight-year-old granddaughter’s eye power is already higher than mine, as she is being brought up on pizzas, pasta and burgers and loads of sweets! Parents who may be concerned about the small amount of caffeine in milky tea, could switch to red bush tea, which is caffeine free.

From Ms Asiya Ansari


Encephalitis outbreak

This is in reference to the ongoing crisis in the Indian state of Bihar (“Bihar encephalitis: Senior doctor suspended for negligence”, Gulf News, June 24). Over 150 deaths have happened due to encephalitis in government hospitals and protests from people made a big sensation in the state. The state health minister’s reply to the people is not satisfactory. The lack of facilities in labs and hospitals are the major attributing reasons for these casualties.

The Health Minister of Bihar Mangal Pandey’s assurance to people that this issue will be solved and won’t be repeated has not helped. However, the lack of infrastructure and medicines is condemned. The state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is known for his administrative skills should come forward and induce confidence among the people. His silence has made more noise.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

190620 kabir
Image Credit: Supplied

Glorifying the man

Indian actor Shahid Kapoor’s latest Bollywood movie ‘Kabir Singh’ has been in the limelight recently, for not the right reasons. The plot of the movie encourages the male ego and has no strong female leads. In a country like India that is already patriarchal in its ideologies, we don’t need films that glorify a man’s bad attitude, behavior and his lack of respect for people.

From Ms Simran P.


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