Animal Abuse

I often read and hear about animal abuse. I do not understand why people hurt animals when they have not done anything wrong. Animal cruelty is such a common act and it is not acceptable. How we treat our animals says a lot about us. We must stop this ridiculous and selfish behaviour. It is good that laws are changing to protect the innocent animals and that some people are speaking out for the ones that cannot speak. I think it is time to educate people and our children regarding the connection between animal cruelty and violence in society. People need to think about how they would want to be treated if the tables were turned. This is a humble request to all the people who abuse animals: love and respect them. How can we hate these beautiful creatures? Animals also feel pain and suffering, and I believe that these perverted acts are worse than human cruelty.
From Ms Renu Kala

Phone-in dangers

Radio stations in the UAE can play an important role in educating traffic safety to road users. After listening to various radio channels in the past few days I suggest an increased voluntary participation by radio jockeys from all prominent radio stations to talk about the importance of not using mobile phones while driving — or using it diligently with appropriate hands-free equipment. Radio stations should implement a check to not entertain a caller if he or she is not using such equipment while participating in phone-in programmes. Can the radio stations, which are doing a wonderful job in passing out useful information and entertainment to listeners, include this in their daily agenda? Could the authorities also ensure that an appropriate guideline is issued to radio stations on this subject?
From Mr Ramesh Menon |
Abu Dhabi

Drive away
I do not want to point fingers and I do not believe that all taxi drivers are bad, as they are hard workers and have hectic working hours (‘Clueless taxi drivers vex Dubai residents', Gulf News, October 21). However, many of them are starting to take advantage of their customers. When you stop a taxi, you hear them locking the door and opening the window slightly. They ask you where you want to go — if it is a long distance then they will unlock the door. If it is close by then they just drive off. I hope this issue is taken seriously and the drivers are warned and then punished for it if it recurs.
From Ms Janet Silana
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Training them

Taxi drivers should be trained properly and should also be given navigation systems if they are not familiar with the routes.
From Mr Prakash
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Learning English

As Dubai is a real metropolitan city, a minimum knowledge in the English language is a must for taxi drivers.
From Mr John
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On to the next one

Apart from taking the passenger to the correct destination, the behaviour of the taxi driver on road is very important. I have faced many incidents on the road when taxi drivers drive recklessly. When they see a potential customer they stop immediately. When they have a passenger they usually drive really fast to drop them off so that they can pick up the next one. This really puts the life of others in danger. Safety is the most important thing.
From Ms Adeel
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