Not changing soon

Read as many international business news websites as you want (‘US gets ready for next round of oil boom’, Gulf News, February 22). There is only one thing in common; there are disagreements on how long this low oil price will last. But one thing is for sure, the shale oil boom has not only benefited the US economically, it has strengthened its international political clout. Maybe it is not yet as evident as it will be, but it is obvious and one doesn’t need to be a political economist to understand that the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec), with Saudi Arabia in particul, can no longer manage oil prices to its advantage. This shale boom has and will give more political leverage to China, Russia, India and to its allies. Many are predicting that prices will correct itself at least by 2016, in which I strongly disagree.

From Mr Carlos


Dangers of radicalisation

The world has offered a very slow and stuttered response to the obvious threat posed by this militant outfit (‘New Daesh video shows Kurdish fighters in cages’, Gulf News, February 23). Nations must gather allies to crush this terrorist organisation with quantum force and educate the current generation on the dangers of radicalisation.

From Mr Gregory Gomes


Think of the people

The fatalities at the Musaffah fire is very sad news (‘Musaffah building fire: six victims identified’, Gulf News, February 23). Everybody is just running and making money, but we need to start thinking about the people.

From Mr Vasant Ghotala

Mumbai, India

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Salaries allow savings

Retirement is the issue for the future (‘UAE gratuity pay not enough for retirement’, Gulf News, February 23). I think we need to focus on the present because if we have good salaries, we can save. I think that salary minimums need to be checked. The UAE does well with implementing strategies in several areas, like ID cards and many other things, but needs to look at salaries.

From Mr Khurram Shaikh


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India needs to talk

The objection by China on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh is condemnable. China should realise that this border dispute can be settled only through bi-lateral talks and not with the rhetoric and threatening statements. China has exposed their maps by including Arunachal territories as their areas.

But, now when they object to Modi’s visit for launching the train service and inaugurating some projects, we have seen a new side of China. It is high time for India to hold serious talks with China. India maintaining silence on this means accepting their objection.

Where is Modi’s rebuttal for the Chinese statement? Who are they to stop Modi from visiting Arunachal Pradesh? If there is no action from Modi then what is the difference between Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)? Both parties choose to act ignorant and inactive on this topic. On this Arunachal issue, Modi should act diplomatically, but at the same in a tough manner.

Talks must be had in order to reach a turning point for both nations to respect each other’s territorial sentiments and maintain peace in the South Asian region.

From Mr Jayakumar S.

Abu Dhabi

Room for improvement

In response to the Facebook debate on the utility of the United Nations (UN), I don’t think that another organisation is needed to replace them (Facebook debate: The role of the United Nations’, Gulf News, February 22). Yes, there is lot of room to improve the role of the UN because they have totally failed to solve some core issues in the world. This is the reason that disappointment is increasing in those areas and resulting in uncertainty, restlessness and instability. The world has witnessed that the vote with veto power has been misused so many times just for commercial interest and to protect allies, even when they were ethically, morally and legally wrong. The role of International Criminal Court (ICC) should be more powerful and effective. It should be based on justice only. The UN has totally ignored the role of the Muslim world. There should be at least a permanent member in the Security Council from an Islamic nation. If the UN couldn’t provide justice to the suffering people of disputed areas, crises will be deepen and tension will increase in the world.

From Mr Ahmad Eftekhar


Protecting interests

The UN has virtually proved to be an international club rather than an international organisation in solving the world’s conflicts. It has failed on all fronts to safeguard the interests of poor and war-torn countries, and it plays a role like a puppet of Western powers.

The history of the UN has shown that it has not been able to solve any major decade-old problems, nor the sufferings of Asian and African countries. It has not even been able to protect the sovereignty of these nations. Issuing only statements from the cosy offices will not bring any solutions.

In order to effectively work, the UN should abolish the veto power that has been bestowed upon some member countries and let it function independently without any pressure from any superpower. Because of its ineffectiveness, the UN should be dissolved. This will save billions of dollars, which can be used for the welfare of poor countries. Let the regional countries of all continents have their own strong bodies in order to protect their own respective region and interests.

From Mr Aslam Doi


Driverless cars in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is going to introduce driverless cars on the auspicious occasion of the Dubai Expo 2020. There is no doubt that, like the Metro and the tram, the proposed driverless cars will be a comfortable and hassle-free transport system in Dubai. However, it may be noted that the system will require a separate track as well as designated routes and stations. Since Dubai is a relatively small city, any development or new invention should be thoroughly checked and properly planned keeping in mind the present road capacity and existing transport system.

From Mr Mumtaz Hussain


The place you love to live

The place where you are born and brought up is your motherland, but what about the place where you found peace, love and respect? By peace I mean, peace of heart and mind and when one has a good chance to care about his or her self. It’s about the people we love when we can give everything good to our family.

By love and respect I mean, when we can feel loved and respected by the people where we live. It’s where we will get a helping hand when we need one.

I search a lot for how to describe the UAE. This is the country of justice where every nationality has a right to live happily. This is the country that has great Rulers, who are caring not only about their own citizens, but also about the people from other countries. This is the country of great religion and traditions, which allows people to respect and value each other.

This is the country where people’s wishes come true. I am sure that all the nicest words are not enough to talk about the UAE.

I call the UAE a paradise of the heart. From me, my family and from all the expatriates who live in the UAE, I want to thank all the Rulers of the UAE for their love and support.

From Mr Mahbuba Rakhmonova


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