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The author makes a valid point, which goes beyond the male or female seating issue on public transportation (‘Women should give up seats in public transport’, Gulf News, February 16). If anyone who is able-bodied comes across an old or frail looking person of any gender, common courtesy would require one to give up the seat. We’re all tired at the end of our working day, but respect for our elders rather than our own comfort should always be at the forefront. We will all be old one day and failing to set the right examples today, to the youth around us, will not bode well for our old age when we find ourselves in a me-first, elbow-friendly society.

From Mr Louie Tedesco


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Confusion among families

We, women, sometimes feel a little bit confused with the seats assigned for women and children. Some women with their children and husband will sit in the designated area for women. A lot of women end up standing because the place for them was taken by a family and, in turn, the men that are with the family. If ever some women are with their family or husband, at least the women with the children can sit there, but the husband should always sit in the allocated area for men.

From Ms Lize


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Drivers, speak up

I think that the bus driver should use the microphone and speaker equipment in the bus in such cases. This would solve any uncommon practices in public transportation.

From Mr C.


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Misused and abused

The concept ‘freedom of expression’ has been totally misused and abused to hurt others (‘Lars Vilks: Swedish artist never far from danger’, Gulf News, February 16). It is more of a weapon used by the people who don’t have the courage to sit across the table and share their thoughts. I believe that Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist, is a man with a small mind who calls himself an artist and who doesn’t have the courage to study about one of the most successful people to ever walk on the Earth. The Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] has inspired billions of people to lead a good life. Vilks is using his brain to contort images and use it to gain worldly fame.

From Mr Yousuf

Bengaluru, India

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What about his sin?

I think this article clearly publicises Vilks in too much of a positive light. I expected more harsh words about him and his sinful actions.

From Ms Younas Meer

Ras Al Khaimah

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There are boundaries

What exactly is the purpose of this article? The man has hurt the feelings of millions of people around the world under the slogan of freedom of speech. He is not a hero and he needs to be made to understand that just like everything else, freedom of speech has boundaries, too.

From Mr Mohammad

Abu Dhabi

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He should apologise

This man is using freedom of speech as an excuse to become a celebrity. Religion is a very personal thing and many people get offended when they see what he has done. I pray he moves past his ego and realises one day that he is only fuelling the fire of extremism. Maybe then he will sincerely apologise to the Muslim community and move past it.

From Mr Hassan

Abu Dhabi

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More seating, please!

I read the article about special services that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) are offering with great interest (‘RTA offers services for people with special needs’, Gulf News, February 16). It is heartening to know that the RTA is taking a lot of effort to make the lives of special needs people much more comfortable.

In this context, I would like to take this opportunity to raise a point regarding the problems faced by several senior citizens in Dubai. Elderly care is the fulfilment of the special needs and the requirements are unique to senior citizens. It is a known fact that Dubai is the most sought after destination these days by young and old. We often see groups of people, particularly a lot of senior citizens, visiting popular malls as many of the malls in Dubai are considered to be the best in the world. But one thing that is missing among the beautiful decor and world class branded shops is the sitting area for the visitors. It is unfortunate and really sad that we do not find any bench or area where the visitors can sit and relax for a while. You often cannot find a single seating area, except the chairs in the restaurants. Forget senior citizens, even my legs ache and hurt after walking for a few hours inside the mall!

Can I request the concerned authorities to help out visitors, particularly the seniors, so that they can rest for a while after sightseeing?

From Ms Radha Hari


A competitive pool!

Kudos to the Irish cricket team for upsetting the applecart of the West Indies, who despite a healthy score of 300+ had to face defeat - that, too, in 46 overs (‘Ireland shock shambolic West Indies’, Gulf News, February 16)! Well, it is a clear warning to all the top teams in Group B. They have already proved their worth against Pakistan, Bangladesh and England. It is high time that the International Cricket Council (ICC) takes note of their achievements and gives proper recognition to them and elevates them to Test status. Not only Ireland, even Zimbabwe has given a fight against the mighty South African team. Hence, I feel this pool can be considered a pool of ‘death’!

From Mr N. Mahadevan


It’s just a game

I completely agree with Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni that although we, as Indians, are unbeaten in the Cricket World Cup encounters, Pakistan has won more matches than India (‘Misbah at a loss to explain as jinx continues’, Gulf News, February 16). People from both countries should treat this as a game and not as a rivalry. I have a Pakistani friend and we enjoyed the game thoroughly without the results affecting our friendship. So I urge people to be sportive in their thoughts. I could see news that Pakistani fans broke their television sets, which is not required. It’s a game - just a game. Just for the sake of the game, don’t spoil a friendship.

From Mr Rafi


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Reducing tension

The reader columns published in the newspapers, the slogans on the television and the entire media are creating negativity among the two countries. In fact, more matches should be played between India and Pakistan, because it will surely reduce the tension between the two countries.

From Mr S. M. B.


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Be constructive

This is my suggestion that all the Cricket World Cup matches between India and Pakistan could be constructive to share more positive comments. The match on February 15 was not a final and it happened in the media in both countries - the media was highlighting comments like, “enemy versus enemy”. This is a big income for the governments and the players – we are only the viewers and spending with our time.

From Mr Sayed Backer


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Importance of salary and benefits

In the context of falling fuel prices, organisations across the region, where oil reserves are on top, are trying various preferences to keep their business moving by retaining key personnel (‘UAE employers urged to have differentiated monetary incentives’, Gulf News, February 15). On the contrary, the workforce – both skilled and semi-skilled - are reluctantly demanding for their choice and time at work.

A general tendency seen across the board is the change in attitude of youngsters who often do not want extra earnings, but want to restrict their work schedule. Monetary benefits are key for the majority of workforces at all the levels.

One of the most serious challenges that corporations face today is retaining the experienced talent from the people who keep shifting their job for small differences in their earnings. This costs additional expenses to organisations, especially in terms of induction and training. Employees still think that their demands are not being considered with due respect and returns are well below their expectations.

There are companies reviewing their pay scale twice every year in order to accommodate the increasing demands from employees. It is not at all a healthy trend to create different levels in the salary structure of employees that leaves a big gap among them. This will affect the succession plan of organisations.

Apart from salary and benefits, a healthy work environment is another important area to be looked into for retaining employees at all levels. This continues to remain a concern for the management in organisations.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


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