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My brush with postpartum depression

I can so resonate with this article ("Living with postpartum depression: 'I love my baby, but I just want to be alone,' says UAE-based mum", Gulf News, March 17). Luckily today, we have help. Thirty-three years ago, it was a lonely place to be in. I had a terrible experience during delivery and, with stitches, couldn't sit for days. I couldn't breastfeed; I could do practically nothing but feel sore all over. Felt as though the world was closing in on me. I hated myself and the baby. I knew my husband wanted a baby girl and I had got a son. It made me feel even worse. It took me almost nine months to come to terms with when I started self-healing. Today the kids have grown and wish they don't have to go through anything like this.

From Ms Maheen Mohamed


A great season at Global Village

The global village is one of my favourite spots to visit in the UAE (“A look back as Dubai's Global Village closes”, Gulf News, May 07). Global Village is a ''must-go'' place in Dubai where everyone can find something interesting to do. But now I'm sad that this season of the global village has come to an end. I'm looking forward to seeing the next season of the global village, which will be filled with new wonders and will begin soon by October. As the name implies, it is a global experience to visit the 'Global village'. It is like we get to travel around the world. The pavilions at Global Village give you a rare opportunity to get a vivid glimpse of various countries and their cultures under one roof. Different pavilions, people, and foods create a whole new level of surprise for a first-time visitor. But even if you visit many times, the element of surprise never ceases to exist. The concerts at the Global Village feature some of the most popular celebrities and influential performers across the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the globe. It is a carnival, and we have all sorts of activities at the global village. All age groups can enjoy the global village with fun rides, games and stunt shows which attracts all nationalities. I always like to visit the global village on 31st December as there are many fireworks. It is a beautiful experience visiting the global village, and I do not think there would be anybody living here who has not seen this place. I am really looking forward to the new season's opening, and I am sure that many are like me, waiting for the same.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


Heat wave

Human-caused climate change has already increased the frequency and severity of heatwaves across the globe, and new research shows that heatwaves will worsen as the planet warms further (“From killer heatwaves to floods, climate change worsened weather extremes in 2021”, Gulf News, December15). Heat-related health problems, such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat strokes, pose a particular threat for the elderly and workers directly exposed to the heatwave. Especially, increasing heatwave hazards have significant health implications for outdoor workers directly exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, drink more water when it’s hot out, and keep cool with lightweight clothing, showers, and air conditioning. In the longer term, we can take steps to reduce global warming and its impacts on society—including the intensification of heat waves—which begin with cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, it is always better to understand climate change and adjust our lifestyles accordingly.

From Mr Akhil B

Ajman, UAE

India creates history by reaching Thomas Cup final

Congratulations to the Indian Badminton team, especially Prannoy H S, who clinched the decisive fifth match to reach the Thomas Cup title clash for the first time in Indian history ("Who is Prannoy HS, India's unlikely hero in Thomas Cup badminton?", Gulf News, May 14). While world championships silver medallist Kidambi Srikanth and world number 8 doubles pair of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty kept India in the hunt, it was once again left to Prannoy to take the team home when the tie was locked 2-2. Prannoy grabbed nine match points with a straight down the line smash and sealed it on the second opportunity as his teammates huddled together in celebration. It was wonderful to watch the team's remarkable performance, and I wish them the best.

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan


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