Flying cars at Gitex Global: Experts say this could be a commercial reality within a few months
Flying cars at Gitex Global Image Credit: Virendra Saklani

GITEX 2022: Future is here

The Gitex 2022 was a treat for tech savvy residents (“Gitex Global presents best face of what Dubai can do in post-COVID world”, Gulf News, October 10). It was the world’s biggest celebration of technological advancements and innovations. The event witnessed next-gen tech innovators, the industry experts shared knowledge and discussed the present and future of the latest trends and innovations.

It is fascinating how technology is growing and can impact all aspects of our life. Moreover, visitors got a perspective of how the world transforms digitally using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other programming technology. They had various interactive events where one could get a hands-on experience of how our near future will be. Undoubtedly it’s was a display of things to expect in the near future.

From Ms Naomi Shankar


The Congress president’s election

The ongoing organisational election within the congress party in India is chaotic (“Congress presidential elections in India: Why Mallikarjun Kharge has an edge over Shashi Tharoor”, Gulf News, October 12). Nobody knows under what job title Rahul Gandhi is leading when the party is going to have a new chief and organisational setup. Will Rahul Gandhi report to the new president, or will the new president report to Rahul? Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor is planning for an American style of democratic setup in the congress party, where the president is supreme. In contrast, the rest of the congress members want to have a UK-style format, where the royal family gives final approval. So the choice is between “repeal and replace” and “repair and renew.” Shashi Tharoor has a competitive edge among all other opposition leaders because of his nationality, international fame, and massive acceptance among youngsters. He can harness a wide media coverage. Continuation of status-quo will not change anything. But one thing is clear: even if Tharoor loses the presidential election, his views will be vindicated to be legitimate soon. With the proxy president at the helm and the party losing power in the remaining two more states and another debacle in the general election, the Congress party will become a part of history.

From Mr Girish R Edathitta


Cricket: India v South Africa

Kudos to our Men In Blue team, led by Shikhar Dhawan against the visiting South African team, by winning the second ODI match in Ranchi to level the series 1-1. Though the credit for this win should go to Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer for their mammoth 161-run third-wicket partnership, still the performances of the Indian bowlers, especially Mohammed Siraj, who took three vital wickets, cannot be ignored. In fact, he gave a crucial breakthrough by accounting for the dynamic opener, Quinton de Kock and then broke the partnership of Hendricks and Makram to halt their march towards 300-plus runs. Though Shreyas Iyer was patient enough to score a century, Ishan Kishan, who was initially patient, was in a hurry to reach the landmark of 100 in an instant and just threw away his wicket. I hope he would have realised his follies and will guard against such silly mistakes in the future. Anyway, all in all the Ranchi victory was achieved due to teamwork. I hope they will continue to play sensibly and try to win the series in New Delhi, provided it is not a washout!

From Mr N Mahadevan


Helping people find happiness

Mental health is equally important as physical health. October 10 is observed as world mental health day. We saw many people experience stress and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. It affected children too as online classes led to a lack of social interaction among students.

Anxiety and fear of death was the leading cause of depression. It’s always better to treat and rectify the problem in the initial stages. A lot of care and support is required from loved ones. Those dealing with mental health issues should be treated with care and patience. Once they are cured, the next hurdle they face is acceptance by society. The social stigma associated with people being treated for psychological problems still prevails in some parts of the world. Those who undergo or have undergone treatment for any sort of mental ailment are often ostracised or refused to be brought back to the mainstream for fear of a recurrence.

Whenever you begin to feel low, it’s best to divert your mind to pleasant thoughts, listen to songs or some good talks by eminent personalities. We should have control over our minds. Organising a get-together with family and friends should also help. If we could control our thoughts and emotions, we would never fall into this dark pit called – depression and could lead a happy life. Life is too short to be wasted and depressed.

From Mr Eappen Elias


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