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UAE allows full foreign business ownership

This is great news to many (“UAE allows 100% ownership of businesses for foreign nationals from December 1, 2020”, Gulf News, November 23). The UAE leadership is visionary that has taken a small desert country to be one of the most advanced country of the world. I am proud and call this HOME after spending more than 30 years and having my last two children born here. We have been experiencing a lot of good developments and this will not be the last.

From Mr Ahmed Kaley

Dubai, UAE

India-Australia: David Warner vows to keep temper in check

This letter refers to your report that dynamic Australian Opener, David Warner has vowed to keep his aggression in check during the series against India (“David Warner backs Joe Burns to continue as opening partner”, Gulf News, November 23). Though late, it is a wise decision as he would have seen the negative results of his captain Tim Paine's tantrums which cost him the Test series during India's last tour Down Under. Moreover, even their most successful captain, Steve Waugh had warned the perils of such sledging with Kohli and his boys. He is the first captain who encountered such treatment from our Captain, Sourav Ganguly during their 2001 series in India and realized that ruthless wouldn't help them to win the series. It was Ganguly who broke his historical 16 Test win run at Eden Gardens and went on to win the series in Chennai. Hope the new breed of Aussies would be wise enough to abide by Steve Waugh guidance. Let us wait and see as to what's in store for Kohli and his boys during the One Day International and Test series Down Under.

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan


Life lessons in COVID times

'COVID-19'- doesn't this topic always come up during every conversation. I am tired of it, and so are you. The dangerous spread of this virus has unsettled the world in all aspects of life. When the coronavirus was diagnosed first we all thought that no way would this affect us in any way, it is just the flu and will come and go... but little did we know that this so-called flu would be called a pandemic, and our life was never going to be the same. Little did we know our smiles would be shielded by masks, little did we know we were going to practise hygiene at it's most than we ever have done in our life (our new normal). Who would've known that we were going to have to come to this point in our lives where the whole world was going to be under house arrest, limiting our social lives to our family and for some, it is to their selves to which people have reached their lowest point in life. The past year has been a whirlwind. This pandemic teaches us all a lesson that life is short so live it up to it's fullest. We cannot make promises that this pandemic will end soon, but we can give optimism a chance in our lives.

From Ms Kenisha Maria Gonsalves


COVID-19: Life at home

United Nations observed World Television Day on November 21. It reminds us of the power of visual media and how this helps us in attaining public opinion and shaping world and regional politics. History says in the year 1927, Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the first electronic television in the world, and a lot of transformations took place during the past century. TV has influenced and revolutionised our lives a lot in changing our opinion on various subjects from Politics, Economics and to the environment to space exploration. The world is at our fingertips. We can watch the news on our mobile phones and can stay updated. TV caters all age groups with fascinating programs, and nowadays TRP is very important for all channels. A lot of TV channels are under the allegation of paid news, and at least sometimes the public is misled. As for me, I have stopped viewing Indian news channels and political debates which is either biased or indulge in mudslinging activities, I instead prefer National Geography or Animal Planet. During this pandemic, while we were forced to stay indoors, the television was my only companion and connection to the outside world. We will overcome this pandemic, but many of us may get glued to the television for the coming days as usual.

From Eappen Elias


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