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UAE: Handling the COVID-19 outbreak

I appreciate the UAE authorities for all proactive steps taken since the COVID-19 pandemic started (“‘Everyone is responsible’: COVID-19 rules you still need to adhere to in the UAE”, Gulf News, September 11). The government started a disinfection drive, and the COVID-19 test-drive campaign to curb the coronavirus spread. Thermal scanners were installed in all malls, schools and public indoor spaces to detect fever. 'Ten million meals'- The nation's biggest community campaign to provide meals or food parcels to support vulnerable individuals and families was organised. Many other steps were taken by the UAE's wise leadership. It shows that our NCEMA (National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management) is very capable of meeting any emergency in this country. The UAE is also supporting other badly affected countries by sending food and medical aids. We must respect and obey the safety protocols. Anyone not respecting these laws is ungrateful in my view. As we all know, a total shut down may ultimately result in starvation for some, so our far-sighted leaders' smart strategies to gradually reopen the economic activities with the enforcement of strict laws to restrict the spread of the virus is appreciable. It's now a new normal to wear the face masks. And they should be disposed of responsibly instead of being thrown on the ground. Practising self-hygiene, frequently washing hands, and maintaining social distancing should be followed religiously. It is the time to show solidarity.

From Mr Niamat Karmally


India: Ethos of tolerance being threatened in India

There is a definite malaise affecting Indian society these days. ("Tanishq controversy: Is being secular in India dangerous?", Gulf News, October 15). Anyone who upholds the basic tenets of secularism and communal harmony which is so dear to the Indian ethos is threatened and subdued by an invisible army, which spreads the venom of hatred through social media where there are no restrictions whatsoever. The so-called news channels, who amplify their master’s voice, more blatantly seek immunity citing the very freedom of speech they otherwise are venturing to suppress! As an Indian, I am extremely sad and disappointed to see the state in which our great country has reached. I hope and pray, good sense will prevail, and we would return to the times of peace and harmony.

From Mr Mukundan Konnam Kandath


IPL in UAE: Congratulations Delhi Capitals

The IPL T20 match between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capital (DC) played at the Dubai International Stadium was very exciting (“IPL 2020 in UAE: Delhi Capitals defeat Rajasthan Royals — in pictures”, Gulf News, October 14). DC won the toss and chose to bat. They lost two valuable wickets; Prithvi and Rahane and were able to score 84 runs in 10.4 overs, which was comparatively reasonable. Shreyas and Dhawan played well. He made a perfect 57 runs and had an excellent three-wicket partnership. Iyer and Dhawan did well by scoring the maximum runs. Later Rajasthan Royals started batting and was able to secure 148 runs with Sanju Samson, Benstokes, and Uthappa. DC performed well both in batting and bowling, and made the match colourful. Congratulations to Delhi Capital skipper, Shreyas Iyer and his men.

From Mr K Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

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