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Sushant Singh Rajput case: Media trial of those involved

Let's closely examine the news some news channels are feeding us every day (“Calling the Indian media hounding Rhea Chakraborty vultures is an insult to vultures”, Gulf News, September 08). Why do news channels have to investigate every matter of a case when three central investigation agencies in the country are involved in the investigations? You could surely give us a brief explanation of what happened in the day. That doesn't mean that news channels start interrogating people. Our country is facing so many problems. Almost 21 million salaried people lost their jobs, farmers committed suicide. India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) saw a decrease of 23.9 per cent. India now has the second-highest total COVID-19 cases in the world. The Television Rating Point (TRP) of these channels might be high when they telecast such Bollywood scandal news. What might be the reason? Obviously us. We, as news consuming audiences, should opt to watch news that matters, lie on reliable sources of information, and leave the investigation to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), and the Directorate of Enforcement (ED). Can we please focus on some other important issues too?

From Ms Ameena Binth Rosh

Kerala, India

Virtual addiction: The hidden dangers of online gaming

Online games are not a new thing, but sadly disturbing incidents involving kids are happening around the world (“India: Boy kills 10-year-old girl who beat him in online games”, Gulf News, Sepetember 08). We have heard cases about kids transferring money in their gaming account without parents’ permission, and also in many cases, children’s are exploited by hackers and fraudsters as a result of electronic games. But in this particular incident, an 11-year-old boy mercilessly killed a 10-year-old girl, as she would repeatedly defeat him in an online game. I mean, this all is getting senseless; he was not able to accept his defeat in a simple game. This incident is telling clearly that online gaming and the damages are becoming a dark truth of our world.

If parents ignore the child and provide freedom to play these games for very long hours; then it can be very dangerous. This habit does harm children’s health, and also disconnect them from family and friends. Sometimes they are so engrossed in these games that they get disinterested in their studies as well, and show poor academic performance. Most of the online games include killing opponents; to get a star or fetch a power one needs to finish enemy team members. This all stretches a terrible and aggressive impact on children’s minds. Many reports show that the children’s who play such games regularly becomes violent and aggressive. They lose their temper easily, and can get forceful in small matters.

I am not saying that all online games are bad altogether. There are numerous informative, entertaining brain games available, which are enjoyable and improve children’s knowledge as well. Don’t let this gaming habit ruin the educational and social life of your child. Keep an eye on what kind of online games your child likes to play. Encourage him/her in playing a useful game but fix some time for this all. Don’t give them money to buy weapons or arms for their virtual team. Once they get habitual of buying virtual things, coins or stars, they can push you harder to buy such stuff.

From Ms Renu Kala

Uttarakhand, India

India: Use of propaganda and cinema vans in villages to fight COVID-19

It is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in villages as the number of coronavirus cases are surging in India (“India reports record daily jump in COVID-19 cases for second straight day”, Gulf News, September 12). To create rapid awareness about COVID-19, health authorities can make use of advertising and cinema vans. These vehicles are equipped with screens, which can be used to display videos. A merchandiser could distribute masks free to all the assembled villagers, and make suitable announcements about preventive measures to avoid infections, i.e. masks, social distancing etc. Then, he can show some films/videos on the points he is making. Videos and films should show how to use the mask, how to maintain social distancing, the importance and method of washing hands, etc. Showing how to do something is more effective than merely telling people. Cinema and propaganda vans have been used effectively in countries like India, Kenya, and Brazil, etc., to propagate the consumption of products in the villages by consumer product companies. These techniques can also be deployed by health authorities to spread awareness about the dangers of COVID-19 and how to prevent infections.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja

Mumbai, India

United States: Significance of immigration judges in societies

It is profoundly important to acknowledge, recognise and appreciate the roles of immigration judges. They maintain the rule of law in immigration matters and enable justice to prevail. Their roles are significant and highly appreciated particularly in this era characterised by large movements of people from one jurisdiction to another for various reasons. These judges hear a wide range of often complex and substantial cases and have a high level of intellect, including honed emotional intelligence and the ability to master complex issues quickly. What matters most to them is fairness and justice. The public mood, political correctness and bias do not influence their decisions. They ensure that their decisions on the balance of probabilities are fair, sustainable and free from errors. They effectively approach their work with an open judicial mind. And, they scrutinise matters and evidences with a wider lens.

From Mr Handsen Chikowore

London, United Kingdom

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