Palestinians speak out
Reality has finally punched Israel in the face after years of brutal US-backed occupation of Palestine. The ever-resilient Palestinians have spoken their minds clearly.

Will the Jews and Anglo-Americans now acknowledge the truth? They must. They must be told the armed wing of Hamas now automatically becomes the official Palestinian army.

Those who care for Palestine must ensure Hamas becomes more inclusive.

Hamas should realise that it now represents an entire nation, not the narrow needs of one political group.

It must strive to ensure Palestinian harmony. No doubt Israel will try to scuttle such efforts. But Hamas must try.
From Ms D. Menon

More subcontinent news
Why doesn't Gulf News focus in detail on the developments in India and Pakistan?

Most of your readers are from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. Please try to ensure more coverage for these countries, especially Pakistan.

A half-page is not enough. You can focus on housing projects in various cities or the financial markets, where to invest, etc.
From Mr S. Maisami
Abu Dhabi

Catch them young
Gulf News is doing a wonderful job catering to its wide range of readers.

But sadly, the newspaper has nothing for children, who form a substantial and important part of the readership.

It would be great if Gulf News could have a weekly supplement for its young readers.
From Ms L. Deepak

Accidental help
Last month, my wife was waiting in her car at a traffic signal on the Beach Road when she was rear-ended by a four-wheel drive vehicle driven by a young man.

My insurance company was very helpful, but the offender's insurer took about 10 days to decide how to repair the car.

Finally, 47 days after the accident, we got our car back.

Why should the innocent have to pay so dearly? How about offering rent-a-car services to help accident victims who are not at fault?
From Mr D. Hardy

Unfinished flyover
The flyover connecting Safeer Mall to Sharjah link road was completed almost a year ago. The civic designer then realised something was amiss.

So, a seven-metre span was demolished for an underpass. Since then, work has been progressing at snail's pace.

Even after seven months, work is incomplete on the seven-metre span. Commuters from Al Nahda face a lot of problems due to this.
From Mr M. Arif

Please be strict
Apropos the news item "Vehicles of rule violators to be seized" (Gulf News, January 25). The police should be strict in enforcing traffic rules and punish all offenders.

Fines are inconsequential when money is plentiful and speeding is only part of the problem.

Irresponsible and aggressive drivers should be banned for six months and if they repeat the offence, they should be banned for five years.

And how about slapping fines on drivers for not indicating before changing lanes or driving barely a metre from the car in front - flashing headlights?
From A Reader
Name withheld by request

No action
I don't agree with the statement made by Dubai Police. So many times I see people driving recklessly or on the hard shoulder and police are nowhere to be seen.

When one calls up the police, we are asked to visit a police station and report the offence.

I witness road rage every day on Dubai streets and no action is taken. Take a look at the new Arabian Ranches roundabout.

Everyday we see drivers on the hard shoulder.
From Mr A.A. Jaffrey

Futile complaints
I have often complained to Dubai Police regarding valet parking drivers of a hotel in Bur Dubai.

The hotel does not have an exclusive parking area, so the drivers park the cars in a zone adjacent to the hotel.

Since there is no direct access from the hotel to the parking area, they enter a one-way street from the wrong side to reach the car park.

This is very dangerous for oncoming cars as well as pedestrians who are not expecting vehicles from the wrong side.
From Mr K. Narayanan

Crawling transport
I tried to use the public transport a few times, but it took me over an hour from Clock Tower to reach my office near Gulf News.

For the return trip, I had to change two buses and it took me two-and-a-half hours.

By car, it takes about 30 minutes to reach my office and 45 minutes for the return trip.
From Ms Anandalekshmi

Lines and lanes
It has become usual to hear about traffic congestion.

But when you see someone reading the newspaper while driving on a clear fast lane at 30km/h, now that's unusual! I noticed such a thing a couple of days ago.

It seems such people are either too busy at home to read the newspaper or maybe they are overconfident that they can handle two tasks at the same time.
From Ms I. Manoj

Need a signal
I draw the attention of traffic authorities in Sharjah to the need for a traffic signal on Al Taawun Road, near Al Taawun Mall, for the benefit of pedestrians crossing the street.

There is not a single signal on the road although there are residential apartments on both sides.

People of all ages cross the road and traffic signals would help prevent any accidents.
From Mr J. Raza