Use the rear-view mirror!
In countries such as Germany, motorists are urged to keep out of the fast lane, unless they need to overtake other cars. This allows a safe passage for motorists who drive at the maximum speed limit. Additionally, it ensures that motorists change into the fast lane in order to overtake others. Nowadays, drivers pick whatever lane they want and drive at a speed they desire. This is the main reason for all the chaos and congestion. If you are not passing other motorists, indicate and move into the slower lane and be considerate to others. Motorists who are in the leftmost lane and causing congestion are ignorant. They do not know what the rear-view mirror is for and should be fined.
From Mr Benjamin Broderick

Register for ID
It is surprising that despite the deadline being extended, a lot of residents have been complacent about registering for the Emirates ID card ("Most expatriates yet to apply for ID cards", Gulf News, January 13). It won't be long before we see complaints and reports on long queues and delays. Let's not forget that the authorities had provided ample time to register, but we as residents did not comply. It is our duty to register for the ID card.
From Mr Ajith Pillai

Employers challenge
It would be better if the concerned sponsors or employers took full responsibility of registering their employees for ID cards and deduct the necessary charges from them. This would solve an individual's problem of registering before the stipulated time, especially since most employees do not have the time to do so before the deadline.
From Mr M. B. Abdul R.
Abu Dhabi

Who's to blame?
In November, due to the Emirates ID card's website issues, I went to the post office and collected the form after paying Dh40. I filled it up and submitted it back to the post office on November 18. Till date, I have not received the processed form, without which I cannot proceed further. I wonder who is complacent in this case.
From Mr R. Mathew
Abu Dhabi

More centres
This is with reference to Gulf News's report on ID cards for expatriate professionals. It is very sad that there are only two centres for registration in Abu Dhabi, of which one is working only till 3pm. Once, our visit to one of these centres was in vain as we had gone without an appointment. Since that day we have been trying to get an appointment over telephone and have finally been slotted for March 15. The authorities must consider opening more centres with adequate staff, to complete the registration process in due time.
From Ms E. Rajan
Abu Dhabi

The last word
Pakistan has not had the opportunity to be ruled by a clean and strong civilian government. The army is the last word there. The current civilian government must change its ways and take a tough stance against terrorists instead of simply airing 'breaking news comments'. They must concentrate on their failing economy, education and infrastructure.
From Ms Agniyah Shaikh

Rising rent
Rent is increasing drastically, every single day ("5% rent cap remains in force, says official", Gulf News, January 14). Nowadays, landlords ask any rate they want for their property. Additionally, real estate agents ask for a huge brokerage charge. The authorities should do something about the rent situation, such as allocating a certain rent as per designated area.
From Mr Aamir I.
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