Remembering the courage of Benazir
As a former neighbour of Benazir Bhutto in London's South Kensington, I recall my last conversation with her in May 1993. I asked her if she was afraid of being assassinated.

She immediately replied in the negative, saying that if she were killed, it would be her destiny. She was articulate, polite and highly intelligent in her debate with me. Her cowardly killers have silenced this courageous lady, but they cannot erase her message.

The best legacy for Pakistan's greatest daughter would be for democracy to be restored to her beloved nation.
From Mr Dominic Shelmerdine
London, UK

End of an era
Just as we thought another year was coming to an end on a positive note, we hear of the tragic event in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, Benazir Bhutto will remain etched in the hearts of her supporters as a true leader who laid down her life for the country she loved.

In this age of modern thinking and development, it is appalling to see the barbarism at the political level. Gracefully clad leaders may have completely barbaric motives to seize power and not everything is, as it seems.
From Mr Irfan Ahmad

Tragic death
This is politics at its ugliest ("Benazir Bhutto killed at rally", Gulf News, December 27). Benazir's assassination shook the world and sparked a new wave of violence across Pakistan.

Despite Bhutto's turbulent past and the ongoing criticism of her motives to return to power, she was a very determined and courageous woman. May her soul rest in peace.
From Ms Nadia Ilahie Ahmad

Support Pakistan
It is time for the whole world to support Pakistan in its hour of crisis ("Pakistan loses a fighter for democracy", Gulf News, December 29). The enemies of democracy do not want it to be established in the country.

Benazir Bhutto died in her efforts to fulfil her dream of a democratic Pakistan. It is high time that the people of the country forget their differences and work together to build a strong and vibrant nation.
From Ms Jinu Mathew

Great loss
Pakistan has lost a great political leader — one who was trying to establish a democratic system in the country. As Indians, we condemn this incident.

Pakistanis are our brothers; their normal lives should not be disturbed with this tragedy. We pray that God grants peace to Pakistan.
From Ms Rudra Shankar
Hyderabad, India

Bhutto's assassination is a great loss to everyone. Pakistan is shocked and bereaved. With her demise, we have not only lost a charismatic leader but also a symbol of democratic, progressive country.

The "Daughter of the East" — Benazir's extraordinary existence was cut shot by the forces of extremism and evil.
From Ms Amber Khan

Perfect tribute
The editorial was a perfect tribute to the first female prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto ("Valiant in deeds till the last moment", Gulf News, December 28). Despite all odds, she came across a valiant heroine in the public eye.

She will remain an inspiration not only in the international political scene, but also in the chapter of human history. God bless her soul.
From Ms Sucharitra Jena
Al Ain

Fighting terrorism
All hopes that democracy in Pakistan might be restored; following the January 8 elections have been defeated, after the unfortunate assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Both India and Pakistan have suffered enormously due to terrorism and violence.

Bhutto's murder is as cruel as the assassination of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, the former prime ministers of India. Hundreds of innocent lives have been lost in both countries on account of terrorist attacks.

India and Pakistan should sink all their differences and cooperate economically and politically in order to exist in peace. This is an essential prerequisite to defeat the forces of terrorism on the sub-continent.
From Mr N. S. Venkataraman
Chennai, India

Necessary change
The analysis of Bhutto's life in a recent article provokes interest ("World has lost a leader", Gulf News, December 30). Had she been alive, she would perhaps never have made it to the top. In Pakistan, all past presidents were assassinated by their successors.

Even today, despite the strong intervention of the US, the change of rule by a democratic election does not seem to be strong on the agenda for the country's leaders. I can only hope that things change for the better.
From Mr Thomas Cheenath

Restore democracy
Everyone must condemn the brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto, as she was killed trying to restore democracy in her country. On the label of expressing condolence and tribute, some divert the killers' goal to Islam rather than the extremism.

Islam however, is against any type of extremism, and the ongoing catastrophes cannot be named Islamic. The country seems to be gripped and governed by culprits such as narcotic and weapon mafias.

The only way to restore peace and prosperity in the nation is by reforming people's living standards and eliminating extremism.
From Mr Abdul Samad
Abu Dhabi

Find the culprit
The year 2007 will go down in history as the worst year for Pakistan. At a time when both Pakistanis and Indians were looking forward to stable and cordial neighbourly relations under the expected democratic governance of Benazir Bhutto, hopes were dashed by her assassination at the hands of terrorists.

To add insult to injury, Pakistani authorities were propounding various theories about her death. It is important to know all the facts to punish the culprits.
From Mr Dharam Bir Singh