Not an illness

Being a bad person doesn’t get excused as a mental illness, especially where it is not the fault of the person suffering from it. A mental illness has many symptoms. Being hateful and unreasonable may be one, but it can only ever be a symptom. Racism is sometimes a seed planted early on in someone’s life, it could be arrogance and narcissistic thinking, and sometimes insecurity and emotional instability. However, it is never an actual mental illness.

From Ms Jasmine Williams


Racism is taught

Racism, is definitely not a mental illness for the simple fact that there exists no medical reasoning for it. It is a by-product of years of oppression that certain groups have faced at the hand of others. Those feelings have now manifested themselves into racial prejudice. It is something that is taught and instilled right from childhood. To call racism a mental illness is to give racist people an excuse to continue behaving in the way they do, to allow them to portray themselves as victims, when in reality, they are anything but that. Calling it a mental illness diminishes the oppression felt by people who experience racism.

From Ms Lahar Chellani


It is a shallow idea

In today’s world, everybody desires power, and racism is a weapon to overpower a person. It is an illness because humans are not born being racist. People who have encountered certain stereotypes based on caste and jealousy, make generalisations on a whole ethnicity. Being racist is being shallow.

From Mr Nishchay Oswal


Racism can be cured

Of course we could consider racism as a mental illness. It is developed in the minds that have been affected by it early in their childhood. The stereotypes and views through which an individual’s mind is developed in childhood, affects their personality, which contributes to this mind-set. It finally becomes a mental illness, which cannot tolerate other views, beliefs, races and clans. We should treat it as a mental illness, which can be cured through strong counselling.

From Mr Shereef H. Mohammad


It is just not done

Racism isn’t a mental illness, it’s just the failure to respect the nationality or nature of someone else. Treating them as inferior on a basis of their country, religion, culture or colour is not done.

From Mr Kamau Andrew Chege

Ras Al Khaima

Naturally racist

Humans are naturally racists. The only thing that prevents us from hating and killing each other is fear of the law and some sort of morality.

From Mr Louie Apacible


Racism is an individual choice

Has anyone actually suggested this? How far must we humans go to find excuses for issues simply steeped in prejudice, filthy manners and just bad upbringing? So a lack of respect towards another human being based on colour, creed, or wealth is suddenly a ‘mental illness’? I’m mystified by whosoever suggested this and deeply saddened that I will leave my kids in a world where we defend bad behaviour. Let’s call a spade a spade. Racism is an individual’s choice to express an opinion through thought, speech and mannerisms, and is certainly not a mental illness.

From Mr Miki Jeypaul


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