Parents need to be qualified

The concept of home-tutoring is not very popular in this part of the world. But with expenses rising with each passing day, parents are finding it hard to sponsor the education of their children, especially those with more than one child. As a result of this, parents are now compelled to look for alternate options that are not as costly as enrolling a child in school. While home-schooling can be a truly enriching experience for a child, as a mother I would not opt for this option when it comes to my future kids. One of the most important reason for this is that I cannot be sure of my teaching standards and whether or not I am teaching my children enough so that they are on a par with their school-going peers. I would also find it challenging to choose what and how to teach my kids. While home-schooling may seem like a cheaper option and can be considered, it is a real challenge for most parents. It takes so much patience, planning, research and commitment to home-school children and is something that not everybody can do. To be able to home-school children, even parents need to be highly educated, trained and confident about their skills and knowledge and above all, they need to be available for their children. Also, is home-tutoring as good as being at school and will it produce a child as capable and intelligent as a school? This remains my greatest concern.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


Home schooling is better

I think home-schooling is a great option and it is proving to be successful, as many people are trying it. These days, cost is increasing and going to school has become a money-making business. Families have to budget in order to afford good or even decent education for their children. In America, with the increase in shootings and the lack of proper gun control, I would not be surprised if half the student population decided to stay home. I think home schooling is unpopular here, simply because of the taboo. Children who are home-schooled are thought to have poor social skills and are assumed to be unsmart. This is not true. I think it would be a great start. Maybe children would go through less social stress, peer pressure and bullying if they are in a protected environment.

From Ms Alia Mathur


School isn’t safe anymore

It’s very sad that we have come to this. Most of the teachers spend their lives dedicated to children, even though underpaid, only to fulfil their dreams of a brighter future for the world. Schools are not a safe place anymore. Home tutoring will lock children at home, with their phones, like cloistered robots.

From Ms Cristi Giamas


Difficult to technology

Home based schooling is better, under parental guidance, as monitoring children closely will help them. We are living in the age of new technology, so it’s difficult to be controlled by teachers.

From Mr Moses Waluke


A viable option

Home schooling looks like a viable option as it allows certain freedom of choice that a lot of schools don’t exercise worldwide. Although home schooling might lead to children missing out on interaction with other peers and the opportunity to socialise, I’m sure that that can always be substituted by enrolling kids for extracurricular activities and by allowing them to meet others in other settings. So, home schooling does seem like a viable option.

From Mr Jisen Raj


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