Fix this problem of rape

There have been protests and anger expressed across India against the recent instances of rapes and murders of young girls, but it has been agonising to observe the muted condemnation of these hideous acts of rape, by those in power in the state, and central governments (“Controversial Indian guru Asaram Bapu found guilty of raping teenager, sentenced to life in jail”, Gulf News, April 26). In my humble opinion, the Prime Minister should have come down hard on the perpetrators of these inhuman acts. In the past ten days, there have been four such instances of young girls below the age of 11, being raped and killed in different parts of India; in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and in Gujarat. I have had to live on work in many countries. However, in all these 14 years, I have not come across or read about a single case like this. The Middle East regions respect their women. India must cure itself of this serious cancerous malady of raping and killing girls. Otherwise, all the attempts of the country to be a great superpower, will count for nothing.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja


Upbringing is no excuse

So adult males can’t tell the difference between good and bad? Stop talking about upbringing, there is something lacking in these men. Even children who have grown up on the streets and become adults know that raping and killing a child or woman is wrong! Hang them and maybe this will deter such horrendous crimes from happening again. Evil is evil and ignorance is no excuse to commit a crime. Conscience is what people should have and empathy.

From Ms Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr.


Death is a fitting punishment

The ordinance for death for criminals who rape children below the age of 12 was good to read. After seeing so many rape incidents and many atrocities done to women, the Indian government has agreed to the ordinance of giving the death penalty to rapists, and this was the recent development from India. Even though this received mixed reactions from people, this move is totally welcomed in my opinion. With this ordinance, juveniles raping young children and daughters getting raped by their own fathers will stop and this will be a good indication for the future of Indian women. This is a good move by the Indian government.

From Mr K. Ragavan


Likeminded parties, better future

The re-election of Sitaram Yechury as General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPM) was expected, even though the former Secretary has some reservations (“Yechury re-elected to lead CPM, Gulf News April 23”). The communist Party of India is in power only in the state of Kerala. They lost Tripura in last month’s election to the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). The CPM always fight for secularism and against US imperialism. Let’s hope Yechury can lead the Party in the coming general elections and increase the number of seats in the Indian Parliament. They need to fight against communal forces and build a secular India with the help of likeminded political parties.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Waiting for the right time

This is in reference to the recent statement by Indian actor and activist Prakash Raj that he is not keen to enter politics, but only wants to change the current systems. Even actor turned politician Kamal Hassan started off like this. Probably Raj is indirectly helping the Congress party to win in the Karnataka elections to get a foothold to plunge into politics later. His present statement is nothing but a stepping stone to enter politics at an appropriate time.

From Mr N. Vishwanathan


Colourful is cool

I think this is a great move. I see a lot of women wearing colourful abayas, and I do not see anything wrong with that (“More women wearing colourful abayas in Saudi Arabia”, Gulf News, April 20). Just because they are wearing different colours, doesn’t make them any less modest or religious. This piece of news made me very happy.

From Ms Alia Mathur


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