I am of the view that the fact mentioned in the report’s headline needs revision (“Dubai to build concentrated solar power project”, Gulf News, September 17). The world has quite a few solar power plants that are currently operating at more than 700 megawatts, with some approved to be upgraded up to 1,500 megawatts. China, Pakistan and India are among a few countries possessing such solar power plants. If this is a mistake, it should be rectified. If not, I would appreciate any counter-fact or argument.

From Ms Masooma Asghar


Thank you for the feedback. The headline on gulfnews.com was ‘Dubai launches world’s largest concentrated solar power project’, and not the world’s largest solar power project. There is a difference between ‘concentrated solar power project’ and just ‘solar power project’. They are two different things. So, the headline is accurate.

Gulf News

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