Eid is a time to gather as a family

Eid Al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and is a joyous occasion for all Muslims throughout the world. Earlier memories include meeting friends and relatives during Eid holidays and receiving Eidya in terms of monetary gifts from parents, grandparents and close older relatives, going out for the movies and eating in restaurants with friends during my school days.

This year my plan is to visit India along with my family and share Eid greetings with all my cousins and enjoy some good times with them.

From Mr Saifee Tarwala


Childhood memories

It’s a very auspicious day where we used to celebrate when we were children with our Muslim brothers and sisters. They would get sweets and gifts from their elders and even we are invited with their children to be a part of the occasion. I celebrated Eid only as a child when we used to have friends and joined them with their families. Now I long to enjoy and celebrate with my Muslim friends.

From Mr Prasad Warrier


Leisure with family

Eid is a day for happiness, joy and prosperity after completing one full month of devotion in prayers, fasting and eating delicious food throughout the Ramadan month. It’s a day to rejoice where I can spend more time with family and give more time to children as they need it. We plan an outing where we can get fresh air and relax in the mountains, where no cars, buses or crowds can bother us. A few years back, we spent Eid in Fujairah, enjoying the beach, swimming and then we have barbecue dinners with family. My son always remembers that day.

From Mr Lodhi Azmatullah Khan


All about traditions

Eid is one of the grand festivals we enjoy in the year. I remember during my childhood days, we used to wait for this Eid as we get Eidya (money) from aunts, uncles and relatives on this day. Even now we have kept this tradition of Eidya for our younger generation. During this Eid, eating siwayyan (a vermicelli dessert) and kheer made of lentils is special, and all our relatives visit each other’s homes and greet one another. No matter how poor he is, this Eid everybody would wear new clothes on this day.

From Mr Mohsin Ahmad


A time to come together

Eid for me always means happiness, togetherness and sharing. I always love to share this very occasion with family, friends and those who are in need of some help. This day has its own scent of attar and happiness all around. You will not find any other day in a year where all communities come and gather in houses, parks or other places to share food, joy and happiness. I plan this Eid also to be special as it would be my last Eid as a bachelor. I have huge expectations ahead for my family and me.

From Mr Salim Mohammad


A family affair

There is always suspense of whether the next day is Eid or not? It all depends on the moon, as Eid is dependent upon sighting of moon. Suddenly, the breaking news comes in – the moon has been seen!

Cometh the day of Eid, it is new dress, shoes, henna for the ladies and the much awaited Eidya, post Eid prayers.

Getting back home, you will be received by the delicious aroma of mum cooking biryani. Close relatives drop by and the sound of the seniors talking can be heard. In the evening, we all head out for a family outing as well. It is more of a family affair.

As time goes on, traditions change. We celebrate differently. But the spirits remain the same.

From Mr Syed M. Sajl


Celebrating in UAE

As a person who grew up in a non-Muslim neighbourhood, where there was not even a chance to hear a call to prayer, Eid was a just a day we got off in the middle of a working week where my father who was a busy medical professional took a rare holiday. But for the past 23 years, all my Eid holidays were spent here in the UAE. The whole atmosphere here changes completely during the last days of Ramadan. We can actually feel it in the air.

Going for the Eid prayers with my family members and greeting everyone there is a very humbling experience. I cannot thank God enough for showering his blessings on me and my family by giving us the opportunity to live in such a beautiful Islamic country where practising my religion comes so naturally.

From Ms Sajida Kamal


Giving back

During my Eid holiday in 2015, I took three low paid workers to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. I took them to Dubai Mall and to At the Top in the Burj Khalifa, for a dolphin show, an abra ride on the creek with breakfast, lunch, dinner with the ice cream of their choice. They never had the chance to visit Dubai as they work so hard. Though I did not plan anything like that for this Eid, I plan to repeat the same for four labourers after Eid holidays.

From Mr R. N.

Abu Dhabi

Full name withheld on request

First Eid abroad

Being born and brought up in the UAE, every Eid was special and memorable. We waited for it twice a year. The henna, the Eid festivities in the air, the picnics, the parties, the food and so much more. My family resides in Sharjah while I moved to India for studies for five years. The Eid edition of Gulf News was my connection to home. I married and moved again. I’m celebrating my first Eid in the US this year with new memories to be made. But I miss UAE, my home sweet home!

From Dr Fatima Khan

San Diego, US

Dreaming of Dubai

My dreamy Eid days are gone for me since I left Dubai years back. Still I want to celebrate there with my friends and cousins, making rounds to the tailor to stitch my clothes and discussions were about food, food and food. It’s no problem even if we are stuck in traffic, because the goal to achieve visiting friends and cousins has to be done at any cost. Nicely laid tables of mouth-watering dishes attacked by one and all. It was fun of a very different kind, which one can’t express and pen down. I still wonder when I will be able to celebrate Eid in Dubai again.

From Ms Fauzia Raza

Toronto, Canada

Our son’s first Eid

This Eid will be different for my wife and me, as we are going to celebrate this Eid with the gem of our life, our 10-month-old son and we are very much excited. Our plans are to take a tour of Abu Dhabi, especially of the Grand Mosque, or maybe to just dine in and visit a few of our friends.

So, it’s all a different experience for us and we look forward to enjoying the holiday with our son and family in an Eid festive spirit.

From Mr Jos Cardozo


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