Car seat safety regulations a must

Having child car seats is mandatory and the quality of the device should be ensured (“Quality mark now mandatory for child seats in UAE”, Gulf News, March 11). People drive rashly on the roads so it is important that children are strapped in properly and are safe. Ensuring that products are safe and effective is a good initiative by the UAE government. Having regulations for traders and manufacturers ensures uniformity and helps parents decide what best to buy for their children. I think the UAE really thinks about the safety of its residents and comes up with useful rules and changes.

From Ms A. Fatima


Safety first

I have been reading about children accidentally falling from high-rise buildings (“Keeping kids safe at home”, Gulf News, March 12). Human lives are precious and it is the duty of parents to be vigilant and take all necessary precautions for the safety of their children at home, especially since a lot of high-rise buildings are coming up. I would like to suggest that the authorities provide mandatory safety locks on all windows so that such accidents don’t happen, as it would protect children if they try to open the windows. All existing building owners should be made to provide locks if they are not available. The reason for suggesting this, is that even if a tenant who is considering the safety of his children, puts up a lock, he does it at his own expense and at the end of the contract, he is asked to pay for the damage caused, which should be avoided. All measures taken to ensure safety should be rewarded.

From Mr Arvind Dhumale


In love with the city

When I first visited Dubai, I didn’t have the faintest idea I would grow to love the city the way I do now (“50% of Dubai Route 2020 tunnel complete”, Gulf News, March 11)! I remember leaving Dubai after New Year’s Eve celebrations, after watching the fantastic fireworks. Two days into the New Year, I left to return to India, but I could not help thinking it would certainly be nice to see more of Dubai, and wanted to visit again. I wanted to feel Dubai in my veins again. As God’s grace and destiny would have it, I am presently a homemaker in Dubai. My wish of experiencing more of the city was fulfilled! I’m grateful for moments spent here, especially during the months of good weather. My life here involves going shopping for groceries and I try and cook at times, go on long walks along the Marina and discover new places to eat with my husband — places we have never been to before. I am thrilled and delighted to learn that if I’m on a tight budget, I would still be spoilt for choice. Walking around in some of the gorgeous places in Dubai is totally free of cost! To enjoy a walk, an evening sunset, a fabulous sunrise and stunning buildings is what sightseeing in Dubai entails.

From Ms Puja Mehta


Dialogue and discussion

This is with reference to the Sri Lankan crisis (“Embassy issues travel advisory for Emiratis visiting Sri Lanka”, Gulf News, March 9). It has been more than one year since the conflict between the nationalist Buddhist and Muslim groups was aggravated. On March 5, a group set a Muslim’s shop on fire, and this was the cause for a 10-day curfew imposed by the Sri Lankan government. I think it would affect tourists who are already there and the Indian cricket team as well. Communal tension is more visible in recent months and this is not a healthy sign. Above all, even during the curfew period, violence continued and this was sad and painful. Attacking any group, regardless of their religion, is unacceptable. For normalcy to continue in Sri Lanka, both groups should not use violence. Peaceful dialogue is needed at this hour.

From Mr K. Ragavan


Obnoxious behaviour

It is really shocking to know that despite the clear CCTV footage of cricketer David Warner being restrained by his teammates, the International Cricket Council (ICC) match referee proved to be unable to take severe action against Warner (“Australia board warns team about behaviour”, Gulf News, Match 10). There was ample evidence to nail him. Now that he has been allowed to play the second Test match, with three demerit points, he might act like a saint. But definitely, there might be another designated member to sledge out the best players of South Africa, as it is a known fact that they could never win a Test match without sledging!

From Ms Kavitha Srikanth


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