Avoid plastics

I try to avoid plastic as much as possible. While going to grocery store, I take my own old carry bag or some other bag to avoid using plastic ones. But sometimes it’s difficult to avoid. Let’s say that when we go for monthly grocery shopping, we buy a lot of groceries and we have no other option but to take plastic bags from the store. But I try to reuse it. All stores have the same habit of putting a single vegetable or fruit in a bag and putting a tag on it. I would like any alternative on this. In my office, we are given new bottles of drinking water. If nine to 10 people waste plastic bottles every day, we might have more than 100 plastic bottles that end up in dustbins.

From Mr Satyanjay Harshe


Not in favour

I am against using it. Plastics stay in the environment for 300 years. Not all people want to take care of recycling and separating garbage. So it is better to look for an alternative or start using reusable bags and bottles.

From Ms Valeriya V


Need cheaper alternatives

I think we should stop using plastic but it is very hard to suddenly make this change. Most of the stuff we buy comes in some kind of plastic container. Also, alternative materials are not always available and if they are, they are expensive. I think the government should take this collective decision and try and include non-plastic items in supermarkets. I think individuals should use, reuse and recycle as everything is in our hands. We need to take a collective step to try and save our planet.

From Ms Alia Mathur


It is possible with effort

Yes it is possible to live without plastic, though this might be difficult at first. We can get our own containers for milk, honey and more, like in the past. Buy veggies by weight in a single bag, instead of individual plastic ones. Ask for tap water while eating out. Reduce home delivery for food and ask them not to send plastic knives, forks etc. I avoid using plastic as much as I can. I carry my large jute bags for grocery shopping. There are two cloth bags inside my handbag always for any unplanned shopping too. I always carry a water bottle which I refill from the taps installed all over malls. I have used glass jam jars for storing spices etc. These are just few steps but we can get rid of plastic usage if we try hard enough!

From Ms Nishi Dwivedi Sharma


It is up to us

Yes, it is possible. Use jute bags, stop using plastic dishes or cutlery and bring your own. Don’t use plastic bags, use containers and bring your own boxes or container to the super market. My grocery stores have allowed me to do it. I told them my reasons and they were okay with it. We were a part of the plastic free project in Hawaii, and I would like to congratulate all states who did it. It is time for the UAE to make it happen also.

From Ms Sabine Balve


Education needed

It is possible to limit the use of plastic in very easy ways, but this needs to start with understanding the problem. Every time I go to the supermarket, I take my own bag, but the cashier insists on packing everything in plastic bags. I cannot put all my veggies in one plastic bag, because apparently it’s forbidden by the supermarket. I can go on with this for hours. Dubai can do more to become environmental friendly.

From Ms Alexandra Kisiel


Little by little

We could not eliminate the plastic completely but we could lessen it by being a practical user. For example you could bring your own container when buying meat and fish in the market. Go back to basics, we were taught during younger days how to.

From Mr Jep Cerezo


Don’t exist, don’t use

Yes, I do because there is no other option available to us. It is likely for us to live without plastic, but in such matters, I think the first step should be taken by the government. Strict laws on the amount of usage should be maintained. If there were no plastics available in the market, there will be no more usage.

From Mr N. Weed


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