Banks chase for car loan

I have a car loan from Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), which is debited every month from my salary transfer account with Emirates NBD via Direct Debit System (DDS), which is automatically collected from my account amounting to Dh2,207 on every fifth of the month. However, on December 6, 2014 I have received a message stating that I had failed to settle the instalment, reason is insufficient funds! My available money was Dh3,000 plus and the bank is aware of that, there was an instruction to withdraw the amount twice and refund it twice, due to an error, that neither of the banks are admitting is their mistake. And now they have charged me Dh100 for two failed transactions from their end to collect the instalment.

I have contacted both the banks and both said they will help with this issue, but with no luck till now.

Recently I received a call from DIB and when I tried to explain to the customer service agent, he was so defensive and trying to tell me it is my bank’s fault. The point of this complaint is that I do not care whose fault is it. All I care about is for them to refund my Dh200, and remove the returned cheque notice from my bank statement as it will be a bad record under my name.

From Mr Amir Ibrahim Bacha

Abu Dhabi

The management of Emirates NBD responds: We are pleased to inform that our Group Customer Experience team has been in touch with Mr Amir Ibrahim Bacha and resolved the matter to his satisfaction.

We would like to inform that we have a confirmation from Dubai Islamic Bank that the Direct Debit instruction was erroneously requested twice. As a service gesture, the Bank has reversed the cheque return charges levied on the customer’s account.

We have offered Mr Bacha our sincere written apologies for any inconvenience caused, and have reiterated our commitment towards continuously improving our services. Emirates NBD appreciates its customers’ feedback and will take every opportunity to further review and enhance any internal processes that require attention.

We would like to thank [Gulf News] for your continuous support in offering us the opportunity to further assist our valued customers.

The management of Dubai Islamic Bank responds: Dubai Islamic Bank would like to confirm that our customer service team has been in touch with Mr Bacha to address this issue. He confirmed that the additional charges have already been reversed by Emirates NBD, and that no further action is required from DIB. As Mr Bacha’s query has been addressed, we now consider this case closed.

Mr Bacha responds: Many thanks Gulf News for your prompt action in helping me solve the issue.

(Process initiation: December 22. Response from both organisations: December 29. Reader confirmation: December 29.)

Account closing charges

I was called on November 15 from the sales department of etisalat and the salesperson told me about an offer that I will get: a free high definition TV box with free Indian and Pakistani channels. I would also get a free cordless phone.

This contract was for one year and if I wanted to close it, I would have to pay Dh100 for closure charges. It was only Dh20 extra per month in addition to my regular billing of Dh299. The offer seemed to be good, and I asked her to proceed.

I got another confirmation call from another salesperson and she reconfirmed all these things to me. Technician visited me on November 17 in the morning. He showed me all the Pakistani and Indian channels were working on TV, and I was very happy to get this deal.

On December 1 the channels stopped suddenly. Only Arabic channels were playing on the TV box. I was not in town, and I came back on December 5 and logged a complaint. I spoke to someone in customer service, and I told him the whole story. I asked him to close my package and that I was ready to pay Dh100.

What he said to me was shocking. He said that if I want to close this package, I would have to pay Dh400 for the TV box, Dh190 for the cordless phone, Dh240 for the router and Dh100 for the early closure.

He assured me that he had logged my complaint. I got a message from etisalat as well. On December 8, I got another message saying that my complaint is under process. On December 11 I got a message saying that my complaint had been resolved. I have been assigned three months of Dh50 off in my account.

I was surprised to see that message and I called 101 for clarification. The person on the other hand was also not clear about the message and he re-opened the same complaint. The complaint I made and the message I got from etisalat has no connection.

I am requesting Gulf News to help me in closing the account without the charges of TV box, cordless phone and router or reopen the channels I was getting.

From Mr Fasih Ul Mulk


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved.

(Process initiation: December 20. Response from organisation: December 29.)

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