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Misleading headline

This is with regards to the article titled “Persecution drives Christians out of region”, Gulf News, May 4). When foreigners who have not lived in this region read this article, they will think that Christians are being killed, kidnapped, imprisoned, and discriminated against by all people and governments of Arab countries, and I vehemently object to that. It is inaccurate and misleading. I have lived in many countries of this region since the day I was born, and I have never ever seen or heard anybody hurt any Christian. Those who did, belong to Daesh who persecuted Muslims and Christians alike. Christians live in peace and harmony in the Middle East.

From Ms Razan Hammam

The article from the Guardian, which was republished in Gulf News, was based on a report that was commissioned by the British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The article shed light on the findings of the said report, and also contained comments by Hunt. The headline “Persecution driving Christians out of Mideast” was quoted from the report. However, we do take your feedback onboard and have changed the headline online.
Gulf News

Wrong credit

I read a news about a student ‘inventing’ edible cutlery in Abu Dhabi. (“Abu Dhabi student tries to make

a difference with edible cutlery”, Gulf news, May 13).

It’s sad to see someone else’s credit being given to some else. Its’s not his innovative idea, as in India there is a person running a company selling edible cutlery for the past few years.

It’s already being produced in a factory and being sold and being used in India, too.

From Ms Anu Vydehi

This is with regards to an article published in Gulf News (“Abu Dhabi student tries to make a difference with edible cutlery”, Gulf news, May 13), about a boy in Abu Dhabi who invented ‘incredible cutlery’ for a school project.

Edible cutlery has been around for quite a while now, in fact they have been produced commercially at least for a few years. Why would someone ‘invent’ it again, and ‘experiment with different flours’ when it has been around for so long?

Is it possible that neither the student nor the teachers know that it is commercially available? The internet is available for everyone to use, isn’t it?

From Ms Nishi Suri

The report indicated that the student is making a difference towards protecting the environment by making it at home and using edible cutlery in the UAE. It was not meant to credit the student with inventing or innovating the idea. The concept of edible cutlery has been around, for a while.
Gulf News

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