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Verifying content

Is there a process for verifying and ensuring accurate news is published?

From Mr Younus Shah Khan


Yes, absolutely. Every news item is checked from multiple sources. We always ensure accurate content is published.

Word choice

I would just want to understand why doesn’t Gulf News use the word “passed away” instead of “dies” in news titles. Just a more respectful word for the human being, the people and family who are reading the news.

From Mr Zayed Al Dhaheri


Both mean the same and ‘dies’ is the official usage, hence that is followed. There is no intent of disrespect.

Reading through your report on the UAE GCSE results, it was disappointed to note you only posted pictures and statistics of girl achievers (“UAE students shine in GCSE despite changes to grading format”, Gulf News, August 16). Whilst acknowledging the achievements of the entire student body - it would have been nice to see you portray a balance of boys included. Especially with several reports historically stating ‘girls out perform boys’ - you had the opportunity to make us parents of sons proud as well.

As a long time subscriber (about 30 years) I sincerely hope corrective and proactive measures will be taken in this regard.

Name withheld by request


Our report was based on inputs provided by the schools. There is no gender bias as implied by the reader. We have no other independent source to provide a merit list of students.

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