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Where are my copies of Wheels magazine?

I have been subscribing to Wheels for a long time and I am a Gulf News subscriber for almost 10 years. I have not got a Wheels issue for almost three weeks, the last issue came last week of June, dated till July 5.

When I subscribed it was 48 issues per year, then recently was made 12 issues per year and that the customers’ subscription would be adjusted. What is happening now?

From Dr V Joseph Simon


As part of efforts to maintain its position as the only credible print magazine in the UAE’s automotive scene and to offer a comprehensive cross-platform experience to readers as well as clients, Wheels print edition’s periodicity has been altered from fortnightly to monthly starting from July 2019. The next issue will be published on Wednesday, July 31.

As promised in the email communication sent out earlier this month, existing subscribers will receive the same number of copies they have paid for, albeit over an extended period of time. Readers can get all new stories and features on cars from our website

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