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Where are the puzzles?

What happened to the Pathfinder, Anagrams and Wordsearch in your Leisure Section? This used to appear in your Saturday edition.

From Mr Eugenne Bailey


Crosswords missing?

I am aware that the Weekend Review will no longer be a separate product and will be a part of the main paper. But I want to confirm whether the crosswords will be published every week in the Weekend Review like before.

From Mr Arif Sayed Al Kazim


Thank you for the feedback. Please be advised that every Saturday, a whole page dedicated to puzzles is published under the Fun Section, as part of the main newspaper. This includes crosswords. Thank you.

Gulf News

Remove phone number

Just want to call your attention that in an article by Gulf News, there is a phone number listed in the picture of the police report (“Online scam: Filipina expat in Dubai in a soup after falling victim to bank scammers”, gulfnews.com, May 20). You may want to block out that number, for privacy reasons.

From Mr Nick Nadal


The number mentioned is of the fraudster. It is not the victim’s number. The number has been used to raise awareness for people to avoid calls from it.

Gulf News

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