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  • Readers write to gulf News about the Weekend Review coming to an end.

No horoscope?

These days I don’t see the horoscope. Is it discontinued?
From Mr Ali Jaffer Muraj

Our tabloid! section publishes the horoscope daily.
Gulf News

Weekend Review no longer in print

It is very sad to hear that Gulf News is closing down the print edition of Weekend Review. Hope Gulf News will still continue having few pages dedicated in the main edition or have a digital version of the Weekend Review. Stories in Weekend Review were a pleasure to read on Fridays. It was a top-notch product from your team.

From Ms Arti Krishnan

Sorry to hear there will be no more Weekend Review. I most enjoyed the book reviews.

From Ms Munia Awan

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What sad news greeted us, after 15 years of enrichment and entertainment through Weekend Review, it is going to be stopped. Let’s hope it is only au revoir, and I sincerely hope Gulf News will carve out a space dedicated to Weekend Review material in another part of Gulf News.

From Ms Susan Jalili

It was with much disappointment that I woke up to the news of the curtain being drawn upon my favourite Friday supplement - Weekend Review. My attachment to Weekend Review was one of the reasons why I subscribed to Gulf News.

Surely Fridays would never be the same again, to say the least, and hope Weekend Review will be back soonest in its present format.

From Mr Kashif Hamidee

I’ve been reading the Weekend Review for almost four years now, and I too will be turning 15 this year. The content that never failed to engross me, thank you. Personally, my favourite article would have been about the Afghan War Wives.

This feels similar to when Gulf News stopped printing ‘Funday’, that was the end of a whole era in my childhood and so is this. A huge thanks for making newspapers interesting.

From Mr Reyhan Sam

I was devastated to see this news. No doubt, this is a commercially driven decision, which is sad to witness.

From Ms Mariah Khan

It is shocking to know that this week’s Weekend Review will be the last one in print. Weekend Review was a great read all these years, and it’s really sad to see it go in this manner. Gulf News could have added it to the main section instead of calling it a day completely.

From Mr Richard Alvin

After a journey of nearly 15 years, Weekend Review, the weekly cultural supplement on arts, books, science and socioeconomic issues, stopped its print edition last Friday.
But, the content will not disappear. Some of it will be moved to the main newspaper, Gulf News, and some of it will go online. We hope that one day we will be able to bring the Weekend Review back. We would like to thank all the readers for their support and loyalty over the years.
Gulf News

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