Misleading information?

Please either research the topic properly or if you’re only going to include information about Dubai, then make that the headline of the article. The information about Yas Island doesn’t even refer to fireworks, (“Where to watch: UAE rings in 2019 with spectacular fireworks at these places”, Gulf news, December 26).

Neil Jarman


This observation is inaccurate. The destinations mentioned in the story across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi were all having fireworks and there was additional information to help anyone deciding to go there.

Gulf News

Only certain issues highlighted?

Please don’t highlight the problems of Pakistan only, you have many more countries to discuss as well. Try to report about India and Pakistan equally.

Muhammad Junaid Khan


Negative or positive news from India or Pakistan are shared under the folios of the respective countries. Gulf News does not favour any particular country, but offers balanced coverage from around the world.

Gulf News

Missing sections?

Lately I am very disappointed to see your newspaper has shrunken. From The Views section you have removed the Letters to the Editor and complaints section.

Imran Yousuf


We are sorry to hear that. However, both these sections have not been removed from the newspaper. You can find Letters to the Editor on Sunday in Your Turn, and the Complaints segment in the Nation section on Monday. Happy reading!

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