Sardar Patel statue
View of the Statue of Unity at Kevadiya colony in Gujarat state, India. Image Credit: AP

Research needed?

I was disappointed to read your editorial criticising the Indian government on erecting the statue of Sardar Patel (“Statue of Unity a Modi grandstanding”, Gulf News, November 2). Whereas majority of Indians are proud of the statue, as usual there are some people who are against it. This is the fact with any issue, anywhere in the world. May be, Gulf News needs to do little more research to know Patel’s contribution and why the Indian government decided to build a long pending and ignored tribute to him.

I believe, as a responsible newspaper, it is inappropriate on the part of Gulf News to write such an editorial criticising the action of the government in erecting the statue. The editorial is so concerned about the cost and says it will take long time (120 years) to recover the cost. However, you conveniently ignored the facts such as impact on the direct and indirect employment due to boost in the business activities that will take place in the surrounding area because of the large inflow of tourists.

You always select the opinion from people who are well known for their hatred towards Indian Prime Minister Modi and his BJP government.

From Mr Jayakrishnan Nair


The editorial on Sardar Patel was written after much research, like any other editorial. We do understand that it might not sit well with readers of opposing views. But in the end, the editorial is also an opinion. And an opinion is always bound to rankle one side or other.

We are fully aware of the nature of the articles in The Views. The opinions expressed by the writers need not necessarily reflect the newspaper’s views. We can assure you that there is no bias in choosing any particular topic or writer. We always strive to publish opinions with all perspectives.

Gulf News

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