A model for the rest of the world

My hearty congratulations to Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri for his appointment by the Ruler of Dubai (‘Who is the new Dubai Police chief’, Gulf News, March 2). In the inaugural speech he said: “I will lead my team to make it an example for other police forces in the world.”

This in itself will boost the morale of the force. After the appointment, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, tweeted that Al Merri is of an outstanding character in terms of leadership and rich expertise in the field of security as Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police. Under his leadership, I am sure that the Dubai Police will become an exemplary unit for rest of the world.

From Mr Sunny Joseph

Mala, India

Commendable work

Congratulations to Al Merri, who has been announced as the new Commander-in-Chief of Dubai. I would like to say that the Dubai Police’s security control has done a great job and I’m sure this will continue with his leadership.

From Mr A. Di Mana


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Such courage!

It’s a highly commendable achievement indeed (‘Dubai-based man with prosthetic leg achieves the unthinkable’, Gulf News, March 2)! This man has shown if you have determination, strong willpower and an optimistic perception, having a handicap is not a hindrance to accomplish your goals. It’s the finest example of courage and steely resolve.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

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Redesign exits

This is fantastic, but at the same time some exits desperately need to be redesigned so people don’t need to be sat in a queue (‘New cameras to catch queue jumpers in Dubai’, Gulf News, March 2). If you’ve ever entered from the 311 highway to D66, you’ll discover just such a junction. It doesn’t matter what direction you are going. It’s poorly planned with a single lane for traffic going different directions and no sound way for traffic to enter the highway below. This traffic backs up for an hour’s worth of waiting. For every accident caused, there is even more loss. It makes more sense to drive a 15-minute longer route on a slower road than to go via that junction.

From Ms Daniella How


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Disrespectful drivers

Finally! They should make the fine very high, as there are drivers out there who don’t respect others. If we honk the horn at them, they will look to you as if to say: “Is there something wrong?”

From Ms May Jammoul Barada


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So many queue jumpers!

If we can get a camera at this intersection with a supermarket down in Barsha Heights or that intersection below Hessa Street that passes by another grocery store on the right. There are queue jumpers there for days!

From Mr Hassan Khan


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Revoke licences

So many people are impatient and have no sense of discipline. Just revoke the licences of the violators after getting a certain amount of black points and ban them from ever getting a licence if they continue doing it. This will also reduce accidents and reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, which also means less traffic.

From Ms Danielle Kiff Menguita


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Too important

I am so pleased! Nothing is more irritating than people who think they are too important to queue!

From Mr Marion Bell


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Stay strong and stay in touch

It’s very sad to be separated by force from someone you love (‘Pakistani who married Indian to be deported’, Gulf News, March 2). How has this happened? I thought that if you are married to someone of another nationality you have a chance to stay with him or her as long as you provide all the requirements that they need. My advice to them to just to stay strong and keep in touch. No matter how far, you are with each other. My blessings to them both and their family.

From Mr Ronald Librea Nite


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Why separate them?

Somehow it’s the governments who are keeping both Indians and Pakistanis fighting each other. A family need not be separated because of differences in nationalities. What’s wrong with humans?

From Ms Cassandra Sandra


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Let him stay

If he is educated and has a clean background then, as an Indian, I wish he could have gotten the chance to apply for Indian citizenship.

From Mr Shubhankar Kahali


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Love has no boundaries

These two countries can neither be together nor make any relation because there are extremists on both sides. Why do they want to destroy the lives of these innocent people? Love has no boundaries.

From Mr Noor Al Islam

Peshawar, Pakistan

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Love conquers all

There’s nothing above love. Just because of the differences between the two countries, a beautiful family is in trouble. I pity the innocent child! I hope either of the spouses get a visa and they can be back together!

From Ms Urja Rao Mehta


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Other ways for greatness

Conservatives in the race for leadership are eager to follow the footsteps of US President Donald Trump by claiming to make Canada great again (‘Trump lays out his vision of America to Congress’, Gulf News, March 2). In doing so, they will mimic Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric as one candidate has already done so by advocating to preserve Canadian values and imposing immigrants to vigorous screening on “Canadian values.”

These candidates will do anything out of desperation. Immigrants, particularly Muslims are their easy prey.

If they seriously want to make the country great again, they should not turn against immigrants as the entire country has been built by them. When their ancestors arrived here as immigrants, they were not subjected to screening on values.

The best way to make Canada great again is by taking care of the forgotten and neglected natives of this land. If they are still obsessed with immigrants they should try to find out why their ancestors who were immigrants terrorised the natives, killed millions of them and deprived them from their basic necessities of livelihood.

These immigrants have blood on their hands and the conservatives ought to do the right thing in looking into why their ancestors did what they did against these helpless people.

Let us all join hands in making this Canada great by rectifying the wrongs done to aboriginals. Figure out why European settlers have shed the blood of the innocents and created mayhem. It is a disgrace to see the deplorable conditions that natives are in even in this time and age.

From Mr Abubakar N. Kasim

Toronto, Canada

Trump’s empty rhetoric

Much was expected from Trump’s speech, which only revealed a kind of ‘policy paralysis’ (‘Trump’s speech to Congress mostly devoid of substance’, Gulf News, March 2). As the great Bard said: “It was a story told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

It sounded like an after dinner speech delivered by some half-wit without any sense of continuity and filled with contradictions. Happy talk and mindless phrases left his speech without any substance. His statement about displaced persons did not have any clarity and left the political pundits guessing. The president ought to have been specific while speaking about foreign policy matters and should have reflected the general US policy towards both international and domestic issues.

From Mr Thomas Matthew Parackel

Muvattupuzha, India

A sense of humour

We are definitely in the UAE and not in India, as yesterday’s Gulf News cartoon online of Dilbert mentioned Mahatma Gandhi as a bald man who hardly does work. If we were in India, then Gulf News would have been blasted as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) affiliated newspaper. We Indians have surely lost our sense of humour. All the time, we only see intolerance in the news going on. Hats off to Gulf News for posting such a cartoon.

From Mr Nithin Kumar


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