A heroic act of kindness
This is absolutely amazing and something that has never been witnessed before (“Watch: Hero climbs 4 floors to save toddler”, Gulf News, May 29). It is really surprising and beyond belief to witness this young man climb up four levels in barely a matter of a few seconds, and swiftly rescue a child who was dangling from the balcony of his home. While it is a delight to see this man perform the successful rescue operation all by himself, without any assistance or machinery and that too, in record time, his willingness to save the child and his display of selflessness is highly laudable. It also makes one marvel at his unmatched stamina and strength that made the climbing appear so effortlessly easy. This probably means that he was used to such rigorous conditions that made it possible for him to rescue the child. While the French government have offered him citizenship and a job with the fire brigade in recognition of his brave and heroic act, I believe that he has earned it. He definitely deserves a better life and this was his opportunity to prove himself worthy of living in France as a French citizen. I just hope the parents of the child, especially his father is brought to justice for leaving him alone and unattended.

From Ms Fatima Suhail

Kings of the game

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also known as ‘Captain Cool’, won the Indian Premier League for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for the third time (“Watson’s unbeaten hundred hands Chennai Super Kings third IPL crown”, Gulf News, May 28). No one had predicted their chances this time as they were branded as the team with the oldest players as most of them are in their thirties. Match after match they went on to prove that age is just a number. If it was Dwayne Bravo’s bravado during their first tie against the then young and fancied team Mumbai Indians, it was South African cricketer Francois “Faf” du Plessis in the first qualifier, and it was cricketer Shane Watson in the finals. In between it was Dhoni, Ambati Rayudu and Suresh Raina, who managed to bail them out from losing positions. Even though Watson took 11 balls to score his first run, he then hit the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)team all over the ground. A word of praise is due for SRH, especially its captain Kane Williams, who was the top scorer. All in all, it was a memorable tournament, especially for CSK fans, as they lifted the trophy again. Well done to Dhoni and his team for proving that they are still the kings of the game.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Unstoppable determination

Cricketer Shane Watson was fantastic with the bat. Congratulations to Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team for a scintillating performance. Today, India literally deifies Dhoni for his leadership and maturity. He could not even afford to buy a bat, when he was young and now is the king of the sport and the hearts of the people. It shows everyone that if any person has the talent and determination, he is unstoppable.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja


A great final

Congratulations to Chennai Super Kings for winning the IPL trophy for the third time and their first on return after two years of hiatus. Hats off to the team’s think-tank that managed to and believed in the old experienced players, and understood the saying, ‘old is gold’. Match after match they proved to be the kings of the game. Right from their first match they have faced hiccups. If it was Dwayne Bravo against the Mumbai Indians, it was Shane Watson all the way in the finals. Though he took 11 balls to score his first run, he remained 117 not out in just 57 balls. He and Suresh Raina took the wind out of the Hyderabad team, and proved that age was just a number. Congratulations to Chennai Super Kings, especially to Captain Dhoni, who lead the team from the front.

From Ms Kavitha Srikanth


Let it rain over me

Rain in a desert is rare (“Rain Room brings fun, intrigue to Sharjah”, Gulf News, May 3). Perennially raining in arid countries is unimaginable. But here we are going to see the monsoons - the most fascinating thing happening in the desert region. And what would it be like if we walk through a downpour and not get wet? It is the wonder happening in front of our eyes - an innovative raining experience set up in Sharjah known as the Rain Room. The most amazing part is that we are enjoying a walk through the rain, without drenching ourselves. Having come from a country where the monsoon is an inevitable season, which we enjoy every year, we relished the moment we walked into the room. The part and parcel of any weather occurrence is that it always stops after a season, restricted to only a few months. But here, the rain never stops. We all love rain, rain has the ability to make Nature look fresh, green and glistening, the same way it cools the mind. Sunshine brings happiness but one can dance only in the rain. Water has the only ability to wash dirt away. The new rain experience in Sharjah is definitely a wonderful experience.

From Ms Shemeem Shafeeque


Faith in humanity restored

Recently, I was teaching a story in grade 10, which roughly translates to ‘Now where are the people who become sad in others’ sorrows’ by Nida Fazli (“Man ends Ramadan fast to save thalassemic child”, Gulf News, May 24). The lesson contains many incidents of the olden days, in which people understood others’ problems and helped them. When I read about the story of a man who ended his Ramadan fast to save a child, in Gulf News, I was really overwhelmed. I personally believe that humanity should have a bigger place in society and that extending help should be above everything. It is the backbone of the developing world. Jawaid Alam is a great example of that. I salute him for this kind and great gesture, with all my heart.

From Mr Ashok Sabahrwal


Vimto has many fans

I have been raised in the UAE, and I can’t imagine Ramadan without the drink, Vimto (“Ramadan and Vimto: Celebrating 110 years”, Gulf News, May 21). The refreshing experience of drinking Vimto with ice is unmatched, and it helps when your family members share your similar tastes. It’s customary for me to stock up on Vimto at the beginning of Ramadan, my kitchen cabinet is full of it. There’s only one problem, my husband sometimes prefers Vimto’s rival, Rooh Afza!

From Ms Soumiya Hussain


Not a bad job

There is absolutely no doubt that the Indian Congress Party would hit back at the Bharatiya Janta Party government’s claims of a four-year tenure success at the centre (“On by-election eve, BJP state president in Kerala given governor post”, Gulf News, May 27). At the same time one cannot take away the good governance of putting a stop to corruption, increased rural electrification, cleanliness, health, full implementation and more. I feel like they have failed only in solving the problems of farmers and inflation. It would be foolish of the Congress to point out the Non-Performing Assets (NPA) of the BJP, as all these loans were granted during their tenure of 10 years. We are confident that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), under the dynamic leadership of Narendra Modi, would take corrective steps to address the concerns of farmers and the common man to arrest the fuel price rise, which is the root cause of escalation in essential items. We expect the “Ache Din” (good days) by the end of their tenure in 2019. We hope they continue the good work further.

From Mr N. Viswanathan


The beauty of friendhsip

Five years ago, in highschool, we were beginning grade eight and preparing ourselves for a change - the re-shuffling of all classes. Among all students, one student somehow found ways to interact with me. Maybe he did because I used to borrow a whitener pen from him, or because he used to like the biscuits I brought for recess every day, whatever it was, our interactions in class was the beginning of a new friendship. He was quiet and studious, whereas I was talkative and the happy go lucky one. We have been friends for six years. Today several friendships have sunk after ultimately facing social obstacles and challenges. These challenges surface when people socialise with new friends. It will result in the need to build more contacts and relations, while simultaneously it could lead to forgetting old friends, which could lead to a failure in maintaining existing friendships. When people relocate to new cities, for job offers, higher studies, and more, they meet new people and stop interacting with old friends. Two years ago, we experienced the first of two social obstacles when we went through a phase after choosing different career paths, and bonding with new groups of people and neglecting each other in that period. However, the memories we both created during our years together, whether in the class, at the movies or even on the road, proved to be decisive in our friendship, creating an urge to relive moments once we met again. In the coming months, we will start a new chapter in our professional lives, relocating for our higher studies. As we approach this new phase of life where time and distance play significant roles, I have faith....

From Mr Rohan Keni


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